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Most Popular Hair Style For 2019

Taylor Swift 2019 long straight hair Trends can sweep in as if on an unstoppable avalanche, changing the landscape entirely (until they run their cycle). That’s what the fringe has done – and this year it stays on as a 2019 hairstyle of choice.

So the number one question you may be asking is, if the fringe never really went away, how has it changed for 2019? The answer is, it hasn’t really. It’s still best worn thick, blunt, and long (sweeping the top of the eyes preferably). And it’s still best worn in one of the following ways:
with a messy, textured, neo-bohemian, grungy edge
with an aura of ’60s sex-kitten nonchalance
swept haphazardly with a little peek-a-boo curtain a la Brigitte Bardot

For 2013 the biggest trend for bangs is to pair them with a chin-length or shoulder-length bob. Models like Karlie Kloss and Edie Campbell have already made the dramatic change to bobbed hairstyles with bangs, with modern, slightly choppy and textured styles.

This rather goes without saying: bangs are perfect for hair shoulder length or longer, particularly when hair is naturally straight or with a slight wave. So while the bob is the most on-trend pairing for a fringe in 2019, long hair with bangs is still a style to opt for if you don’t want to go for an all-over shorter hairstyle.