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Hair Loss Product Reviews and Treatment Information

Natalie Portman Very Short Hairstyles Lots and lots of product lines with different brands claim that there products work, but do they?
First, we have to determine the causes why we have a hair loss, basically as what is said in the books, the causes of hair loss are:

1. Hereditary
2. Stress
3. Poor nutrition
4. Medications
5. Hormonal fluctuations in women
6. Frequent use of chemical based shampoos and
7. Overwhelming majority of Androgenetic Alopecia (male pattern baldness)

How to prevent this from happening?

1. Note: Androgenetic Alopecia cannot be prevented or cured in any type of hair loss products.
2. If medication is the problem of your hair loss, just simply switch to a drug that does not cause this.
3. When nutrition is one of the biggest factors, have a diet that involves lots of iron and fober for which these are the major building blocks of hair.
4. Stress and anxiety, are one of the most inevitable factors that we need to minimize so that we can prevent hair loss.

What are the treatments? There are two major treatments on how to stop the hair loss:

a. Surgery - no other product can compete with this treatment, you just have to find a good surgeon and also be ready for the expense you might encounter.

b. Natural treatment - of course this treatment is one of the best treatment, natural products especially Aloe Vera based products are very effective and they generate good results, how ever the treatment takes time and patience which you must learn to wait and have a proper diet, be stress free for you to achieve such results.