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Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Marilyn Monroe 2019 blond hair color Blonde hair color seems to have brought sexy back again in 2019 Blonde hair color has always been considered to be attractive, most sex symbols of today and of the past have dyed their tresses blonde, so find out what shade of blonde to choose to look hot.

Blonde hair color has always been popular due to the attractive allure that gives. From Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson, blonde tresses have always created sensation and attracted attention. The shiny gold color gives a luxurious aspect, which suit most skin tones.

For a while blonde hair color was replaced but it seems this timeless and incredibly hot hair color cannot find it's match. Because blonde hair color can help enhance certain facial features and can create a certain attractiveness, more and more women are trying to find the perfect blonde shade for their complexion. The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly and have created a variety of blonde hair color hues, meant to offer diversity to women who love blonde.

The magic surrounding this hair color is incredible, I bet that the thought of going blonde has passed through every woman's mind at one point so to help you choose the perfect blonde color for you, make sure you consult with your hairstylist. It is always a good idea to keep in mind a professionals opinion since they are trained to enhance beauty. The most popular hair colors in 2019 are natural looking colors so choose from the following shades of blonde if you wish to look hot and trendy:

Platinum blonde 2019

Platinum blonde hair color has always attracted attention through it's lovely white blonde coloration. The look platinum blonde can create is absolutely amazing, no wonder it is one of the most popular blond hair colors used by women. It suits mostly women with a porcelain fair skin complexion and completes their look by enhancing their eyes.

blonde hair color 2019

Golden blonde 2019

Golden blonde looks extraordinary, it helps create a very fairy tale like appearance due to the sunny gold coloration of the hair. Golden blonde hair can match more skin tones than platinum blonde can, thus increasing it's popularity. It works great for women with fair skin and medium fair skin due to it's warm tone coloration.

Dark blonde 2019

This type of color works great with women with a little bit of tan. The two tones match perfectly together, thus resulting a well balanced look. Dark blonde hair looks like brown hair color has been added to darken the blonde, this is what makes dark blonde so special.
Make sure you choose a professional hair colorist and that you explain exactly what shade of blonde you want to obtain. Take a picture of the desired blonde hair color so your hair colorist can have a clear idea of what you want to get.