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Best Summer Hair Care

Best Summer 2019 Hair Care The number one rule of summer haircare: work with your texture, not against it. By applying one or two products designed to enhance what you already have, your hair will look its best -- no sweat.

For Wavy Hair
Wavy hair is very trendy right now, so pack away that flat iron and give your hair a much-needed break from constant straightening.

How to style: Look for texturizing creams for gentle shaping. Just a dab of cream applied when hair is damp lets it air dry nicely into piecey waves. A sea salt spray delivers an authentic back-from-the beach feel.

For Curly Hair
Save sleek blowouts for fall. Any extra moisture in the air will seep into your naturally curly 'do, returning ringlets to even the most perfectly straightened hair and even adding dreaded frizz -- ugh!

How to style: Naturally curly hair looks gorgeous when you don't fuss with it too much. A gel, curl-defining creams or and anti-frizz serum will help ease the styling battle. Just scrunch it in and air dry.

For Straight Hair
Straight hair goes limp at the very first encounter with humidity. Help it along with easier-for-summer volumizing products.

How to style: Stay away from sprays with alcohol, since they'll dry out hair even more in higher temperatures. Or, twist your wet strands into a braid for a cute look that'll leave you with soft waves after you undo it.