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Beautiful Natural Curly Hair 2019

Naturally Curly Hairstyles 2019 Have super natural curly hair, that is out of control? Don't know what to do with it? I have super natural curls and I've found a method that works for me every time, for years now. I had such a hard time in high school trying to manage it. Now I have it down to an art.

Follow these simple steps to amazing curls:

First you rinse your hair with cold water - that keeps the frizz down.

Then you towel dry but only to absorb the drips.

Next, brush your hair out so it is as straight as possible.

Then you take a nice inexpensive can of Salon Selectives mousse (purple bottle), yes I have tried them all but Salon selectives has been my saviour.

Get a big handful of mousse, I mean big and totally soak your hair with it until all your hair is wet and slimy, sounds gross but you will love the results.

Finally brush your hair out and use your fingers to define curls, what ever you do, do not fluff and scrunch, just let your hair air dry, after it is dry you are left with beautiful bouncy curls that you can scrunch and fluff to your preference. This mousse ads control and hold to your hair but doesn't leave it all crusty and gross.....you'll love it!

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