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Using Hair Dryers: 7 Tips For Great Results

Choosing a good hair dryer is essential if you are going to get good results. Anything less than 1500 watts is probably underpowered. Aim for the 1500 to 1800 watt range.

Hair Dryers Keep the attachments and learn to use them. The nozzle is key to directing hot air to the right place when styling your hair.

The diffuser is important for diffusing the air over a wide area, and for adding volume or waves to the hair.

1. Make sure you either move your hair or circulate the hair dryer over your hair to avoid heat damage from keeping the hair dryer on one specific area too long.

2. Choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner can have a big effect on your final result. Select a shampoo and conditioner specifically for your hair type, whether it is dry or oily, thick or fine, or colored.

3. Towel dry your hair before using a hair dryer. Droop your head upside down so the hair hangs loose and run your fingers through your hair as you use the hair dryer. When the hair is nearly dry use a styling brush. This method will do much to protect your hair from undue damage. Wet hair is fragile!

Hair Dryers 4. Divide your hair into sections when applying styling aids. Use your fingers or a comb to make sure all the strands receive even distribution of the styling product.

5. Practice keeping your elbows at shoulder level and use your wrists and lower arm to move the hair dryer and hold the brush. This will alleviate aching arms once you master this technique.