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Wet Hair Look 2019 (pictures)

Camilla Belle Wet hair look 2019

Wet hair look 2019 pictures

Emma Watson Wet hair look 2019
One can’t help but think of a wet look hairstyle as decidedly modern. Take any style – no matter how classic or vintage – and alter it slightly to look as if it’s just stepped straight out of the shower, and all of a sudden it has a newfound effortlessness. That’s what’s at the core of wet hair as a style in 2019. It’s all about looking like you’ve just thrown the hairdryer aside and let your busy lifestyle draw you from the beach or the pool (or even the gym) to the next activity without pausing to give your locks more than a nonchalant towel-dry.

The exception to the carelessly effortless rule is the half wet, half dry hairstyle. It’s one we saw gracing the runways of Camilla Belle, Rag & Bone, Barbara Bui and others for spring 2019, and for the most part it’s the elegant sister of the wet look family. More about keeping the face the focus and the hair slicked back, the dry ends give this type of style a more deliberate feel.