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2019 Hairstyles - Latest Hairstyles

Latest Hairstyles for 2019 In 2015 hairstyles are exciting, many old styles, but lots of new twists. There is a strong retro influence from the forties, forties hairstyles were sleek, well groomed and can be dressed up for added sophistication. The kinks we see in 2019 hairstyles are a direct influence from this time, with hitherto bone straight hair getting an added flair by the use of curling tongs to add flips and barrel curls. This adds a new dimension to styles such as the bob, which for some years has been a favourite hairstyle. Last year saw Victoria Beckham shed her bob and bravely go for the extra short chop, but this does not signify the end of the bob, it will remain fashionable throughout 2019 and can still be seen on catwalks around the world, as it is a timeless classic.

If a hairstyle is feeling a little tired, 2019 is the year to update it. Updating any hairstyle can easily be achieved with the use of clever layers, adding texture and body to otherwise flat hairstyles.

Color too in 2019 hairstyles is quite dramatic, with a strong move towards reds, from deep red hair color to fun and trendy pink shades. Remember that if you choose a red hair color, that this color fades fastest, so hair products that maintain color are a must. As is a complimentary makeup palette, including neutral shades such as gold, chestnut and smokey eyes. Those who still prefer blonde, should go for multi-tonal effects, rather than one flat shade. This gives a more natural effect that will almost sparkle and takes advantage of the latest hairstyle technology. Brunettes are going for chocolate and chestnut shades, steering clear of jet black, again giving more depth and warmth to hair. 2019 hairstyle colors are adventurous, with more than one color being the way forward this year. Layers together with hair color, can really dramatically improve and update a hairstyle, ask your hair dresser for multi-tonal color and choose shades across a blended palette for a natural look. Keeping hair healthy is also essential and key to looking good. This is best achieved through a healthy diet and the use of heat protective sprays when styling, a good conditioner and shampoo. Serums are probably every girls best friend and as 2019 hairstyles are quite versatile, a serum is a must to keep whatever style you choose looking shiny.

Curly hair is going to be easier to maintain in 2019, with fluffy hairstyles being more acceptable, a bed head look, which we can all achieve without too much trouble, is trendy. Going for the unkempt look, with back combing adding some height and boldness to 2015 hairstyles that is reminiscent of the sixties. Back combing should be done at the roots and the top layers of hair smoothed down to achieve the look. Quiffs too are popular hairstyles this year, not just being seen in mens hairstyles, but also womens hairstyles in 2013 are incorporating quiffs, to add dramatic effects on updos and short hairstyles alike.

Homemade curls
Both nostalgic and modern, this girlish and quirky hairstyle features many an element of other 2019 hairstyle trends: it has a parting and obvious product definition. Soft and eye-catching, homemade curls give off a laid back air as one of 2015′s long hairstyle trends.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all, though we feature it with blonde hair.

There is interesting cross between the unkempt sixties look with the well groomed forties style, so if you do back comb, keeping some areas sleek, will make your hairdo stand out from the crowd. This year also hair accessories play a major part in hair styling. From large bows to feathers in the hair, it is a nice trend, as any hair can be glammed up or have a touch of interest added quite easily by using a few well chosen accessories. One accessory that may celebrities are wearing is the plaited hair Alice Band. Worn like a band it gives a very groomed and intricate appearance to any hairstyle, especially updos and mid length hair. Find a plait to match your own hair color and then experiment to make it blend with your own hair. Overall 2019 hairstyles are versatile, practical and bold, with so much to choose from 2019 is looking to be a great year!