Wool Jumpers for Women Blue Mermaid Dresses


Looped under ponytail
Less of a bun and more of a ponytail that’s been folded and looped under, this hairstyle offers up a mood somewhere between easy and casual, and tightly equestrian. It provided the perfect compliment to Carolina Herrera’s spring runway; as it can to your own outfits.
Hair type suited to: long straight hair & long wavy hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
Season suited to: best as a spring / summer 2019 hairstyle

Twist hairstyle
Inspired by Gucci’s autumn / winter 2019 runway show, this simple to create hairstyle is the kind that works well with or without the addition of a hair accessory. While fantastic for long, waved or textured hair, it also works for shorter cuts. All you need is strands long enough to join at the back.
Hair type suited to: chin-length to long hair.
Hair colour suited to: all.
Season suited to: as a fall 2019 hairstyle.

Homemade curls
Both nostalgic and modern, this girlish and quirky hairstyle features many an element of other 2019 hairstyle trends: it has a parting and obvious product definition. Soft and eye-catching, homemade curls give off a laid back air as one of 2019′s long hairstyle trends.

Wet-look chignon
Don’t be afraid to get your hair wet in 2019 – or at least give the impression that it’s wet. Amongst a long list of wet look 2019 hairstyles, this wet look chingon offers up plenty of versatility along with a relaxed feel.
Hair type suited to: straight hair, relaxed curly hair & wavy hair.
Hair length suited to: mid-length haircut or long hair.
Hair colour suited to: all colours and complexions.

Retro faux bob
As perfect as a Stepford wife, as ice cool as Betty Draper, as vintage as yesteryear and as modern as tomorrow, 2019′s faux bob hairstyle gives the year a structured, pristine, ‘done’ hairstyle that borrows much from the 60s fashion revival.

Mod bob
Short. Voluminous. Messy. This is the 2019 women’s hairstyle that marries a short hair cut with the best of the 1960s fashion revival to create a Mod bob that’s been inspired by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy.

Wet look hair
Perfectly slick or unceremoniously textured, flowing free or tied up high. A vast number of hairstyles across the spring / summer 2019 runways had one thing in common: they all had a wet-look finish.