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Audrey Tautou hairstyles 2019
Avril Lavigne hairstyle 2019 Everyone wants to know the new trends of 2016 when it comes to the hottest haircuts, styles and colors. No matter what you thought about the 2015 hottest trends, you can be sure 2019 takes a deeper dive into the past and is recreating some of the most popular haircuts and styles from the 70s and on. No matter what shape of face you have or what your current hair color is you can be sure that the trends of 2016 have the ability to compliment everyone. All it takes is a simple hair cut or new color to make you feel like a new person and the list below of the 2019 trends can help you transform your look instantly.

The short bob is one of the most popular haircuts of this New Year. This hair cut is perfect if you are looking for not only a trendy hair cut but an elegant look that is practically timeless. A great way to try this cut is with a great deal of layers with texturizing products to help create fun and different looks with this short bob. You will find that one of the hottest pop singers is wearing this chic hair cut, Rihanna. This singer has a very narrow face which is perfect for this type of cut, but of course not exclusive either. Check with your hair stylist and get their opinion in regards to this hot look for yourself.
poker straight hair 2019 A great hair cut of this year that requires a lot of personality and even that much more layering and texture is the soft wedge cut. This is a very soft and smooth hair cut that can be elegant when styled in a straight and sophisticated way or can be fun when styled with texture. No matter what your preference is you have the ability to mix it up with this great new style. The great thing about this 2016 favourite is that it is perfect for almost every face shape which makes it a great option for anyone looking to change their look for the New Year.

Girl With Very Long Hair 2019 pictures Although waves and curls were very popular last year, in 2019 you will find that poker straight hair will take over the cute curls. If you find you just can't get rid of the curls, than you may want to straighten your hair and let your curls gather only at the bottom to keep the trends of both years. This sleek look is perfect for absolutely any hair length and any occasion which makes it very practical. Lacey Chabert hairstyle 2019 In regards to the colors of 2019 you can be sure that the bleach blonde look is out and the dark burgundy's are back in. Going darker is the trend of the New Year, chestnut browns, dark auburn are more are perfect for this year's trends as well as the cutting edge new cuts that are sweeping the USA's fashion industry. It is a great idea to take these dark colors and highlight your hair if you already have a dark brown natural color, for those of you who are blonde, the dark highlights are not recommended!

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Keeping up with the hair styles, cuts and colors of 2016 can be easy with all the different fashion magazines today. Everyone gets the impulse from one time or another to change their appearance, either radically or subtlety and these new trends can help you do that. Always check with your hairstylist and get their opinion before making your final decision because after all, they are the professionals in this industry, their opinion can help you make the right decision. More Hairstyles Trends:
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