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Why Women Make Men Lie

As a man I know how uncomfortable the no win question can be. "Do I look fat in this?", "Do you think she is pretty?" or the all time favorite, "Do you love me?". Now there is no way to win if you do not agree with what the woman has asked you.

What if you think she does look fat, you think the other woman is pretty and you do not really love her yet? At this point most women would say that they want to know. Please. A guy knows that once he gives the wrong answer to these questions he will never hear the end of it.

Whenever he gets into an argument it will always be, "It must because you think I am fat, she is prettier than me or you really do not love me." These are no win questions because there is only one answer that a woman wants to hear. Anything else and the guy will pay dearly for it. If not then, at some point he will regret answering these questions.

So what should a woman do if she really wants to know the answers?

Give the guy some emotional air. How do you do that? By letting him know that whatever answer you give him, you will not punish him for it, he will have the courage to be more open with you. This is more than just saying that statement. It means actually living it.

This type of trust may take some time to build up. If you have a history of going off the handle when angry, then it WILL take some time. The only way to make it a reality is by handling difficult news and disappointment in a loving manner.

My mama always told me to not ask a question I did not want to know the answer to. This same can be said for a woman. If you are not willing or able to handle the truth, then do not ask the question.

Once a man feels that he can trust the woman in his life with the truth, you will see the relationship rise to a whole new level. Give your man the emotional air that he needs and you will be rewarded by a happier and more loving mate.
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