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What It Really Means When Your Partner Cheats

Why do people who seem to be in a perfectly happy relationship cheat on their partner?

How could they even consider loving another when they already have it so good?

While it may seem easy to simply call them an idiot and immoral, there's more to it than that.

Cheating is the symptom, not the cause...

Relationships today are based on ownership and possession - partners feeling like they own their spouses and try to control their every move.

What if we all came from a place of unconditional love and acceptance?

What if we stopped confusing sex for love - they are not the same thing. You can have sex with someone that you do not love and you can love someone that you do not have sex with. Wouldn't you agree?

So if that's true, what is cheating?

It's a breaking of trust. While trust is vital to a happy relationship, it may not necessarily mean that your partner doesn't love you or that they love another. If you focus on having an open and trusting relationship where there's no fear and no judgment, it's very unlikely that your partner will cheat. Of course you both have to agree to this path. Trusting your partner completely and sharing everything while they don't reciprocate is simply foolish.

My recommendation for ending cheating in a relationship is to talk openly and honestly to one another without anger, fear, or judgment. When a person cheats, they are typically looking for something that they feel is missing is their relationship with their partner.

If you can truly talk to each other about everything - including the fact that your partner is sexually attracted to another person, then you have complete trust in your relationship and the need for cheating disappears.
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