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Who is to Blame for our Relationship Difficulties

Many men grew up just thinking that women weren't attracted to them.

They didn't know if it was a problem with the women or themselves but eventually started to think their was something wrong with them. It affected all kinds of things.

Now, millions of men are afraid of women. They're intimidated and don't know how to behave.

It's kind of like the run of the litter social 'syndrome' except it's happening with the majority of first world men (except the former outcasts and brutes).

So what's going on here? Didn't even normal guys used to be able to get dates and succeed with women? Didn't our grandfather's do fine?

Or is there really a 'problem' with millions of men all of a sudden.

Isn't something massive being overlooked here even by dating experts?

It comes down to this whether they admit it or not, female behavior has changed. This has affected and effectively damaged the psyche of millions of great men.

It's not even that we don't have (strong) male role models as men, it's more that female behavior has changed.

Women always held things together with their natural, intuitive and instinctual behavior. When they 'developed' or adapted to higher social status, the dynamics changed.

Women throw men off on two main levels; inner and social.

Independent women (Prada's) scare the crap out of all kinds of well-intentioned men for their personal development and strength.

Social women (Prickteases) scare the crap out of all kinds of men for their evident sexual showcasing and 'body'.

Now, men don't know what to do around these women. Even the strongest of men are completely confounded by the behavior of women.

They say one thing and do something else. They're a living paradox and why?

Because they're conflicting daily across their character and it's influences. They have natural intuition and emotion which fights with their socio-logical development.

This is at the root of their sometimes erratic and impossible behavior which will continue to throw men off until they understand their relationship to the root of these behavioral characteristics.

It is possible to have success with these women but it's not on the social level (unless you're a good-looking millionaire or movie star) and it's not on the personal level where she'll call you her 'baby' and you'll end up sleeping on the couch if you do anything to upset her.

The path to success with these women (and all women) is through their natural character.

It's your way to be effective with them whether you want sex or just to have options of new relationships with more women.

If men could see the natural character of women and operate in the natural relational dynamic they could not only remove all of the oppression and causal damage that has been done, but they could live in power and happiness.

It's important for men to understand their relationship to the behavior of women if they want to live in peace and power. If they don't, they'll continue to be completely confounded and ignorant to women.

If they 'knew' and were cognitive, they would be able to attract women and live the lifestyle they dreamed of.

Rion Williams is one of the foremost experts in dating advice, personal power and social dynamics.
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