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Boomers, Don't Rule Out Internet Dating

Ever considered looking for love online? Thereís no need to be timid if youíve thought about it. You might be surprised to learn that at least one popular dating Web site reports the fastest growing segment of people checking out the site is your peers, that is, those 45-59. In the last several years, their numbers have increased 350 percent. One key reason people are turning to online dating is because of the anonymity. Itís comforting to be able to see who else is out there looking for a mate, without revealing too much about yourself. Itís a safe environment to get to know someone.

Another reason, you are not limited geographically unless you want to be. Finally, we all know how easy it is to grow attached to the wrong person for the wrong reasons. You may not find your perfect match online but at least you can narrow the field by meeting people with similar interests before you get attached.

If youíre a fifty-something or close to it and find yourself back in the dating game, donít believe the stereotypes about awkwardness. It may have been awhile since youíve dated, but if youíre like most Baby Boomers youíve gained a certain wisdom that allows you to know what you want and donít want and lets you enjoy a relationship for what it is, rather than trying to make it something else. In spite of conventional thinking, many men and women are more attractive in their mid-forties to sixties than at any previous point in their lives. Thatís because instead of worrying about what others think, theyíve grown comfortable in their skin.

If youíre considering looking online but feeling a little rusty, many dating Web sites offers dating advice for people in your age group.

While you're looking, check out these Web sites which have good track records:

eHarmony eHarmony seeks to match an individual based on compatible core values. Using an in-depth questionnaire, they seek to make permanent matches. The goal of eHarmony is to match people in search of a life-long commitment, not just a date. Singles who have used eHarmony comment that while filling out the detailed questionnaire, they learn more about themselves and their goals, and where they are headed in life. eHarmony employs a five-step process intended to help you get past the awkward stages. On the downside, eHarmony does not allow gays and lesbians to use its site (reflecting the founderís evangelical Christian beliefs).

eHarmony founder Neil Clark Warren recommends that you visit the Web site and take the tour even before you fill out the questionnaire. You can receive information about potential matches without becoming a member, though your identity remains confidential till you reveal it.
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