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Bachelorette Party: Girls-Night-Out Scavenger Hunt

We’ve been to them. We’ve hosted them. We’ve even starred in our own. Today’s bachelorette party is an opportunity for brides, their bridal party and good friends to spend a night on the town, a cozy evening at home, a pampered day out, or even a weekend hike.

But like any bridal tradition, the bachelorette party that mimics the groom’s own bachelor party has become a right of passage for brides: something old, something new, something borrowed and something so shocking that the discovery of it by the groom before the wedding is a constant fear. “Do you take this man?” “I do. Oh God if he’ll still have me!”

The party often starts innocently enough at a designated meeting place. There the bride is decorated and armed with props: a veil, an “I’m the bride” t-shirt, a garter, a male blow-up doll, candy necklaces and one of many cocktails. They play games like penis ring toss, pin the hose on the fireman, and have a ‘carve a penis out of a banana’ competition. Then they dance out to their limo or chauffeured van on a nocturnal quest of bar-crawling often including Fabio-type strippers and an estrogen-infused scavenger hunt.

Dares and Duties

How does the scavenger hunt work? There is a checklist of tasks or dares that the bachelorette and/or her fellow partners in crime must tackle by the end of the night. The one who completes the most tasks or scores the most points is the winner. The following are just suggestions. Make your own list as risque or as tame as you'd like.

Get a picture with a cop; you hold his nightstick (3pts.)

Kiss a bald man on top of the head (1pt.)

Find someone with the same name as the fiancé and have him propose to you (1pt.)

Have a man order a sexy drink for you, i.e. Sex on the Beach, Slippery Nipple, Blow-Job, etc. (3pts.)

Have a guy write his phone number somewhere on your body where no one can see it (2pts.)

Be serenaded by a random guy while you sit on his lap (2pts.)

Find a guy with a hidden tattoo and have the bride find it and kiss it (3pts.)

Have your picture taken with mullet-man (1pt.)

Remove an article of clothing on a guy (1pt.)

Do a body shot off of a stranger (3pts.)

The possibilities for a memorable bachelorette party are endless; it all depends on how crazy or mellow the group is and the goal of the event. One way to find out if the scavenger hunt was a success: if the groom discovers a strange phone number on his new bride's backside during the honeymoon, than it was successful! The marriage? Well, that's another story.
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