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Professional Bleaching

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In-Office Bleaching Method


In-Office Bleaching Method


- To help minimize sensitivity with in-office bleaching, it's important for dentists to protect your gums and be on hand with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications prior to treatment.

- Scheduling bleaching treatments at least a week apart can also ease sensitivity.

- Dentists should be aware that using a "bleaching light" may cause additional sensitivity with some patients

- Apparently the light can raise the temperature of a tooth's pulp (the interior) and cause some pain.

- What's more, the ADA notes that bleaching lights have been studied and don't seem to make teeth any whiter than procedures without lights. There may be some immediate difference due to tooth dehydration, but that's it.

- Dentists should also know that the average number of in-office visits, including follow-up, for maximum whitening is three - with a range of 1 to 6 visits, depending on the process (in-office vs. tray).


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