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Teeth Whitening Tips

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What woman hasnít heard those words? Do you hide behind the camera so you donít have to show those pearly whites - or not so whites? If you have ever been frustrated with your teeth, itís time to investigate the options for teeth whitening.

Knowing what your options are will empower you to show that pretty grin.

The most difficult of teeth whitening tip for me was to cut back on the coffee. And tea. And red wine. Drinking things that discolor your teeth put any whitening system you choose into overtime work. While you can defeat these stains, itís easier to eliminate them from the diet.

Teeth whitening toothpastes are available from any retailer. These work by using mild abrasives to clean your teeth. Some brands have chemical agents that work to remove stains. These toothpastes remove only the surface stains by using hydrogen peroxide. Some products help to remove deeper stains. I have actually used peroxide to gargle with - and it does whiten my teeth. It does not have that pleasant, mint taste of toothpaste, however.

Teeth Whitening If you still arenít seeing adequate results with the toothpaste products, try some of the over the counter strips and gels. Also peroxide based, these gel products are applied directly to the toothís surface two times a day. The treatment lasts 14 days, at a cost of about $15. It should last for several months after treatment.

Whitening strips are applied twice a day for 30 minutes. These are also a peroxide based product, with a price range from $10-$50 for a fourteen day treatment. Once you use these, results show up within a few days and last up to four months.

If you are still not seeing success, try visiting your dentist. In office bleaching is definitely the fastest and most efficient way to get your teeth white. During this treatment, the dentist with apply the whitening product in conjunction with heat, a special light and a laser. The light is used to spped up the whitening process.

Unlike over the counter treatments, results appear in one treatment (usually a 30-60 minute procedure). While you may need multiple appointments for the most dramatic results, many people are thrilled with one treatment.

beautiful-women-faces This procedure is a little pricey - $500-$1,000 per treatment, but who can place a dollar sign on your smile?

So, now that you have decided to whiten your teeth, how long can you expect results to last? This depends on a lot of factors. As mentioned earlier, if you can avoid trigger foods that stain your teeth, you might be able to go a whole year. If you expose your teeth to bad foods and drinks, it could be reversed in one month.

Your individual degree of whiteness will vary also, depending on your teethís condition, the types of staining, and how long and what type of bleaching system has been used. Over the counter products have a lower strength agent (about 3% peroxide), while some dentist offices use products that have up to 43%.

When starting a teeth whitening regime, set realistic expectations. Even though you will see visible results, your teeth will probably not be a blinding white. The more treatments, the better your success, however.

Who shouldnít go through teeth whitening? If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, consult with a dentist prior to treatment:

Children under the age of sixteen: The nerve of the tooth is enlarged until this age, and whitening can irritate it.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised against whitening teeth. Pregnancy will often cause delicate teeth without offering any chemicals.

Sensitive teeth and those with allergies (particularly to peroxide) should not use a bleaching system.

Gum disease, cavities and worn enamel should not use a whitening product until the teeth have been treating. The whitening systems will penetrate the decay and cause more sensitivity.

Exposed roots of the tooth do not have an enamel layer, so the whitening agents will not work.

Fillings and crowns are made with composite materials that wonít whiten. If you whiten your teeth after having them matched, you will get a poor match when only part of your teeth whiten.

While it can be a bit of an investment in getting that beautiful smile you have always wanted, a womanís smile can give her more confidence. Being able to grin and laugh at home and work will enhance every aspect of a womanís life.

Start with the simple steps to getting your teeth whiter. Depending on your age, the severity of your stains, the condition of your teeth, and your diet (and maybe a little bit of heredity), you can work towards finding the most cost effective way to get your teeth white.

Work towards the more involved processes. Personally Iíd rather go to the dentist once than try to keep strips on my teeth for 30 minutes twice a day, but some people are much more patient that I am.


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