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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover Surgery

Every expectant mother knows that her life will change once she brings her first baby into the world. If you are like most women, you just didn't realize exactly how devastating those changes would be to your body. It starts with all of those months carrying the baby around in your stomach, proceeds to the birth, and ends with breastfeeding and tons of stress and worry. If you just have one child, you might be able to get back into reasonable shape fairly quickly, but after having multiple children it can be difficult to pull your body together without the help of an aesthetic doctor.

There are many aesthetic procedures that can be used to get everything back in its place and bring your shape back. An aesthetic doctor can look at the parts of your body causing worry and suggest procedures appropriate for your situation, but the following discussion will introduce you to three options commonly used for mommy makeovers. Not all will be appropriate for your body, but it shows the range of procedures now available.

1. Filler Breast Enhancement

Sagging in the breasts is one of the biggest complaints of mothers; especially those who have breastfed multiple babies. Once the children get a little older and you start to pull your body back together, you might notice that your breasts do not spring right back up to where they used to be. They may also have a different shape than they had before you had your children.

Body filler can now be used to pick the breasts up and give them more shape, so you feel more comfortable with them. This is not a permanent procedure like breast implants or a surgical lift, but it is a minimally invasive, safe procedure that can be performed rather quickly by a well trained aesthetic doctor.

2. Body Contouring

This is another filler procedure that can be produced by an aesthetic doctor with experience and extensive training. You can get filler in your buttocks if they have lost their shape, or you can use the filler in other areas of the body where you want definition and curves. Just like the breast filler, this is not a permanent procedure that you do once and forget about. It is a safer alternative to going through extensive plastic surgery.

3. Thermage Cellulite Treatment

There is no way to absolutely guarantee that you will never again have to deal with cellulite on any area of your body. Not even plastic surgery can completely get rid of this problem. Yet, you can go through Thermage treatment with your aesthetic doctor to greatly diminish the cellulite on any given part of your body. This is less invasive than plastic surgery, and can be far more effective.

These are just a few of the procedures your aesthetic doctor can use to bring more shape, definition and form to your body after having children. It isn't as risky or expensive as plastic surgery, but a mommy makeover can definitely make you feel more confident facing the world as a mother.

Mommy Makeover Surgery

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