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womens healthy eating habits

Proper eating habits are easier to form if first we remember that what we eat needs to be pleasing to the eyes and then it needs to be pleasant to the taste. It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and so it is in forming proper eating habits.

At one time the noon day meal was the largest meal of the day and rightly so since after eating one then went back to work and subsequently calories were burnt off and unneeded weight was not added on. Today meals are all times of the day and oftentimes fast foods at that, greasy and fat building followed up with little or no exercise and soon we are sadly overweight.

Green Salads Home cooked meals planned with a well balanced diet in mind can't be beat. Today care needs to be taken so the we know as much as possible how our food is grown and even whether or not they are organically grown. Natural additives to enrich the soil are much better and although the yield itself is not maybe as good as fertilizer enforced growth, they are much more nutritious and beneficial for the body.

A good source of fruits and vegetables are the local farmers markets which are able to supply produce which is natural to the area. It stands to reason the the more and better one is able to be acquainted with ones own local producer the better understanding we can have as to how the food we eat is grown.

Never Skip your Breakfast - This is the most important meal of the day, and try to incorporate fresh fruit, unsweetened fruit juice, cereal with skim or 1 percent milk, fat-free muffins, oat and whole wheat breads in your breakfast. Cut your intake of syrups, whip cream and butter to half if possible.

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