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How to Gain Weight Healthily

Alessandra Ambrosio

In this world, almost all girls would aspire to have a really slim body, but you might be surprised to know that a lot of girls also desperately wanting to gain some weight. And in the same way that losing weight is difficult to many, gaining weight are also very hard for these girls. If you're one of them, it's time that you read the following steps on how to gain weight for girls in order to help you put on some weight in your body.

Increase your intake of calories, but avoid eating a lot of those foods that has saturated fats. Some girls who are skinny would be contended with consuming a lot of fats to make them to gain weight, but little do they know that this could actually put their health at risk. It's your genetics that will determine where those fats will go, so make sure to eat more good foods and try to do it slowly.

Work hard to achieve lean muscles by exercising regularly and lifting some weights. And if you have the means to hire a trainer, go ahead and look for the best trainer to guide you through. Bear in mind that your muscle weighs more than the fats and it is capable of distributing itself all throughout your body.

Do not go use treadmill and other stair stepper types of machines. These exercises are only good for the heart and will not cause you to gain some weight. These exercises will instead burn more calories out, making you to lose more weight instead of gaining.

Try to keep track of the total amount of calories that you consume in a week. In order for you to gain weight, you should be able to add about 500 calories to the usual calories you consume. And if you are not seeing any results after a few weeks, try to eat more calorie enriched foods until you see yourself gaining more weight.

Allow your body to absorb more nutrients by eating at least six times of meal each day, instead of the usual three meals. Doing this is the best way of how to gain weight for girls and this is not only recommended to those who are trying to gain weight. It is also highly recommended to all people of different body weight.

If you are not able to consume up to six healthy meals every day, consider taking some meal replacement power to get the same amount of nutrients. But make sure to check the contents of the powder before you buy it. These protein drinks must have high nutritional value.

Eat up to 50 percent of calories in proteins and up to 60 percent of calorie in carbohydrates every day. Examples of calorie enriched foods that contain more calories in proteins are chicken, turkey, beef, eggs and fish. On the other hand, foods with more percentage of calories in carbohydrates are potatoes, brown rice, pasta, black beans, broccoli and sweet corn.

Aside from consuming calories in carbohydrates and proteins, consume also about 20 to 30 percent of calories from unsaturated fats. Foods that are on this category are avocados, nuts as well as oils. These are the foods responsible in giving your body the right amount of fatty acids.

Each person is created differently, and therefore, we have different body types and metabolisms too. For skinny people, gaining weight is really difficult as compared with other people. By following these steps on how to gain weight for girls who are skinny, you will surely be able to gain weight easily while looking healthy on your slim body.


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