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What Makes A Chanel Watch?

Chanel watches are known as much for their appearance and price as the unique materials which are used in their construction. Chanel was a late entrant on the scene of wrist watches, and a rather surprising one. The name Chanel of course, was originally made famous as the company founded by Coco Chanel. Her hats, clothing and other apparel items were famed for moving away from the constrictive clothing and boning which had been the rule prior to her popularity. Instead of corsets, Chanel clothing featured comfort, elegance and clean lines. The little black dress and the Chanel suit featuring a knee length skirt, a boxy jacket with black trim and gold buttons became the epitome of fashionable women's clothing.

As her designs gained in popularity and the clean elegant lines replaced the fussiness of the Victorian era, it is not surprising that the designs for Chanel watches which appeared on the scene in 1987 featured the same classic elegance as did her line of clothing.

Although Coco Chanel was not an active participant in the company which bore her name for many years prior to her death in the 1970s, the concept of quality, elegance and dependability have marked the production of all products, including watches which are marketed under the name Chanel.

Chanel watches have the production and design facilities located in Switzerland's center for Swiss watchmaking, La Chaux-de-Fonds. The watches which are introduced under the name Chanel form innovative and unique collections. They retain their reputation as the sophisticated and elegant products of the House of Chanel, but feature designs which appeal to the avant-garde. Because of the power of the name, as well as to the earned reputation for quality and beauty, Chanel watches in the price range of $7000 have been produced.

Chanel watch designers are recognized not only for their quality of the watch design but for the creation and production of unusual watch straps. Innovative materials are used in the production of the watches themselves. For instance, watches of high tech ceramics and tungsten carbide are included in the Chanel line.

Those who select Chanel watches know that each watch is individually numbered and has passed tests for scratch resistance as well as water resistance. The quality and durability of Chanel watches make a two-year guarantee on the watch a great selling point.

Today, the House of Chanel produced watches are still very much in demand with a new generation of wearers. The J12 is the first unisex watch for Chanel and is characterized by clean lines and both masculine and feminine features, making it a watchmaking revolution. For younger women, Chanel introduced the Coco Mademoiselle and the Chanel In-Between Wear, both in 2003.

Replica watches patterned after Chanel are very popular for the classic lines and unusual materials, just like those of the original, although at a much reduced price. Replica watches have the same resistance to water and scratching making them attractive to active people, both men and women.
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