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Spring Fashion for Petite Women

Spring Fashion for Petite Women
After last season’s unusual proportions and chunky layers petite women can breathe a sigh of relief; fashions for spring are much easier for us to wear. Gone are the oversized coats and sweaters and in come slim, neat dresses.

In fact dresses are the big fashion story for next season and for petite women the news is good, for short is the length to be wearing. This is good for two reasons; firstly, shorter skirts are more flattering for smaller frames, as longer skirts will tend to swamp us. Secondly this means that we may be able to buy some mainstream sized clothes. On the catwalk the skirt lengths were often so short that they were barely decent but in reality, lengths are on the knee or just above.

The next good news is that the silhouette is slim and neat for these dresses, in shift or empire line styles, both of which are flattering on the petite frame.

Your summer dress can come in any fabric, so there must be something that suits your taste, from frothy romantic dresses, floral, graphic or ethnic prints (just remember to choose a small motif that will not overpower your delicate frame), shimmering metallics or folksy appliqué and patchwork.

Shoe fashions for Spring/Summer are also a boon for petite women. If you like to make yourself taller with platforms, heels and wedges, the shops will be full of these styles of shoe. If you prefer to show off your delicate bone structure in a few fine strips of leather, Grecian-style sandals will be this summer’s choice for flat shoes.

Other accessories for this season will not be so easy; the bag of the moment is still oversized, the jewellery big and bold, neither if which are best for smaller women. In this case, just wear the boldest necklace or bag that you can get away with, or head back into your wardrobe for classic styles until accessory fashions turn our way again.

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