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Spring 2014 Fashion For Plus Size Women

If you've got flab you'd like to hide, this is your season. Tight fitting clothes are out. Loose clothes are in. That means, clothes are so much more forgiving this season, with plenty of room to hide that extra pint of ice cream you'd just eaten.

Some of the new clothes, though loose are best avoided. You want to hide the excess, not make your hips look even bigger than they are. That means a tulips skirt is out.. that is unless you have a really small waist.

A look I particularly like at the Spring 2014 shows in Milan is the wrap top over loose pants. It skims the figure, hides the flab and less than perfect legs yet hints at curves with subtle sexuality. Another look for spring that is forgiving on real women is the slouchy dress. Yet another is the baby doll long dress with a high waist, but flows loosely to the hem of the skirt. Watch out for huge, puffy sleeves though. They might make you appear even larger than you are. Then again, you might be able to carry them off. Try them and scrutinize yourself in the changing room before you decide whether to adopt that look this Spring.

If you have flabby arms, then indulge in those dresses with long sleeves. I saw some gorgeous ones that skim the figure forgivingly and hide the arms completely. Dresses like these would give a svelte illusion.

Also great for plus size women is the A-line trench coat. That is the most flattering cover all you can buy as it hides the flab and hints and a womanly figure.

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