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Swimwear Trends for Summer 2014

Swimwear Trends for Summer 2014
This season’s swimwear is made for posing; not so much for swimming but being the belle of the pool. This includes sexy bandage-style swimsuits and one-shouldered pieces, and exteme cut-away bikinis/monokinis that leave little to the imagination.

sexy black swimwear 2014

One-Shoulder Swimwear

The must have piece for summer 2014 is a stylish one-shoulder number. Taking the lead from the current trend in one-shoulder toga-style dresses and asymmetrical necklines, this year’s single-shoulder swimsuits are subtly sexy and sophisticated. The diagonal line narrows across the upper body and the look is seductive without being slutty. Plus it gives you an extra expanse of bare shoulder to tan!

One-shouldered monokinis tick two trend boxes in one, with both cut-outs and one-shoulder dressing. Marios Schwab embraced both features in a risqué piece of swimwear with summer florals and Hervé Léger by Max Aria’s spring summer collection of bandage-style single-shouldered swimsuits and bikinis provide some daring designs in the extreme.

Some monokini’s are not truly single-shouldered but their asymmetric-necklines give that effect. Iconic swimsuit label Gottex has some stunning designs which give the appearance of single-shoulders, but provide better support.

Billabong Pretty Bikinis Billabong Pretty Bikinis - Practical and Sexy Bikinis Practical and pretty, sassy and snug and swim-ready, Billabong bikinis bring a fun touch of the "land down under" to a day at the beach. As summer approaches and the dreaded task of swimsuit shopping gets closer, this lively brand of sporty but sexy swimwear is definitely worth trying on.
Nothing Stagnant About Billabong Bikinis!
An Australian word meaning a stagnant pool or backwater, the name Billabong has been associated with nothing but activity since 1973 when its founder developed board shorts for surfers that would stand up not just to the rough Australian elements, but to the pounding the clothes got from the surfers themselves. The high quality of the fabric and unique triple-stitching design, as well as the great prints, soon lent themselves to ladies' swimwear, and Billabong bikinis are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Beaded shift dress Summer Beach Dresses Beach dresses are perfect for summer seasons and for casual beach lounging. They are extremely comfortable, airy, cooling, flattering and cute to look at. They give incredible romantic appearance with the more Garde style of attire. There are tons of varieties in beach dresses. Very popular and well known types include white beach dresses, fishermen beach dresses, two piece beach dresses etc. Of these white beach dresses are like a semi formal wear which can be worn for functions and parties held in beach areas.

See Through Bikinis See-through bikinis are not for the faint-of-heart!
About See-Through Bikinis
You might assume that all the various styles of mini bikinis available would be enough alluring swimwear to satisfy beachcombers everywhere, but you'd be wrong. Thongs and micros may not leave much to the imagination, but when it comes to exposure, see-through bikinis have them beat.

Sexy Sheer Bikinis for Summer Sheer bikinis may not suit every woman's style, but they're definitely attention grabbers if you feel you can pull off the this look.
Advantages of Sheer Bikinis
Besides making a woman feel outrageously sexy, sheer bikinis offer you the opportunity to sun without any telling tan lines. This is great for women who welcome a healthy sun-kissed glow, but don't want the hassle of adjusting a suit.

Sexy Bikini Halter SwimSuit Sexy Bikini Halter SwimSuit-Trendy And Glamourous Women Swimsuit With the Spring season in full on, there can be nothing like taking a cool dip in the beach or a refreshing swim in the pool. For any water fun a sexy swimwear is indispensible. Bikini, especially a sexy halter swimsuit is one sort of sexy swimwear, which has always topped the fashion list and has been a trendsetter for a long time now. A sexy halter swimsuit in vivid colors and beautiful prints can do wonders to enhance your glamorous look. The best thing about a sexy halter swimsuit is that it suits almost any body shape.

Fishnet Swimsuits - Sexy Fishnet Swimwear Designs Are you are tired of the basic Lycra-spandex bikini and looking for something a little more exotic? If so, think about a fishnet bikini. Wearing fishnet is like wearing almost nothing, but in most cases that is only an illusion. Even though it may appear like you're only wearing a see through bathing suit, the majority of these swimsuits feature a nude lining. If you plan on going to a tropical island getaway and want to surprise your partner with an alluring swimsuit, fishnet is the way to go. Most commonly associated with stockings and lingerie, this faux see-through style will allow you to show off your assets while being minimally covered.

Exotic Swimsuits Bikinis So what’s the allure of exotic swimsuits bikinis? Well, for one thing, it feels great to be seen in a suit that is as distinctive as your personality. Think about it. For the most part, everyone’s dressed in practically the same look on the beach, including cute tops, scoop or board bottoms, etc. Honestly, just how many of those suits boast a look-at-me attitude?

Extreme Slingshot Bikini An extreme slingshot bikini is not for the faint of heart. If you dare to wear one of these swimsuits, you must be prepared to be stared at and even scrutinized. However, if that's the effect you desire, then you should absolutely go for it – you work hard on your body and you have earned the right to show it off.

Barely String Bikini-Incredibly Sexy Bikini A barely string bikini looks fabulous on the body, mostly because the strings themselves appear so delicate against the natural look of the skin. To be sure, these barely string bikinis are sexy, but they can also appear rather playful. Unlike some of their more erotic counterparts like peekaboo cuts, or slingshot bikinis, string bikinis don’t scream for attention; they simply command it.
Of course, the point of wearing the tiniest of string bikinis is is to show off your best assets, so make sure you spend some time toning your body during the off season so you'll be ready when swimsuit season rolls around again.

victoria secret swimwear Adriana Lima Hot Womens Swimsuits for Summer Featuring the hottest styles in swimsuits for women in 2012. For style-conscious women, beaches around the world are seeing string bikinis, tankinis, and one-piece swimsuits that are churning up big waves they are so hot! See what styles in women's swimsuits that you find to be most appealing and which swimsuit you'll be wearing this season. See the featured juniors' swimsuits, plus-size swimsuits, and designer women's swimsuits to help you decide on your best style. I'll also show you where you can find really great deals on ladies, juniors, and plus size swimsuits. Look sizzling hot wearing a trendy new swimsuit at the poolside. You'll sure to be wearing one of the hottest swimsuits on the beach.

Skimpy G String Bikinis- Extremely Sexy Bikinis There are plenty of skimpy G string bikinis out there to perfectly fit your personal sense of fashion style.
Skimpy G String Bikinis Found!
Skimpy G string bikinis are extremely sexy, full of fashion flair, and for the confident woman, few bikinis can make you feel sexier than these swimsuits!
E.M. Camouflage Print G String
What’s fantastic about this skimpy swimsuit is its camouflage print. Not many G strings offer this type of look, so it’s a sexy way of standing out from the crowd. The triangle bikini top ties in the front, while the G string bottom ties at the hips. This bikini is a brilliant combination of tough girl meets seductress.

Sexy-Strings-bikini Brazilian Bikini - String Sexy Bikini In a land that worships the sun, the Brazilian bikini is cut down to the bare minimum for maximum exposure in every sense of the word.
About the Brazilian Bikini
If you think a string bikini is revealing, just wait until you take a look at the Brazilian bikini.
Take the average tiny American string bikini, cut off that extra two-inches of excess fabric around the edges, and you'll have a working idea of what a Brazilian bikini is all about. These suits are cut far more daringly than many women in the Northern Hemisphere might usually consider wearing, even in sunny California.

sexy dress Sexy Dresess For Summer 2014 Until and unless, you are not sure about a particular dress, whether it stands on the top in terms of quality, how can you go for it? After all, you are paying for it and deserve quality in return. We wait the whole year for the summer season so that we can wear exciting summer dresses. But, when the opportunity comes, everything becomes so messy that actually we are left with nothing in our hands.

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