Leggings for Winter 2014

sexy print leggings 2014 The fall/winter 2013/2014 trend for belting everything from baggy tops to dresses to cardigans means that leggings are the perfect accessory, no matter what a woman's age.

Once upon a time, leggings were thought to be the domain of fashionistas in their teens and ‘20s. However, attitudes are changing. These days leggings can be worn by anyone the wrong-side of 30 (and 40 and 50 and 60…..) providing they flatter a woman’s body shape.

The key to working leggings well is to accessorize with the right outfit and make sure they finish below the bulge of the calf. Be mindful of fabric and color too. High-fashion leggings like neon brights and dramatic patterns are best avoided at all costs. Leave this season's wet look and metallic silver disco-diva numbers to those who are young enough not to remember them the first time round.

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Leggings for Fall Winter 2013/2014

American designer Liza Bruce, the woman credited with inventing leggings in the early ‘80s has a lot to answer for. This season sees fashion runways overun with leggings in everything from lycra to leather. The oh-so-now-look for Fall 2013 is leather leggings teamed with thigh-high boots.

Metallic-look poly-blend leggings also make an ‘80s-style comeback, along with jeggings and treggings, a strange hybrid, a cross between jeans/trousers and leggings, for those who are not brave enough to go the hole hog.

This season leggings are crying out to be worn with boyfriend blazers, sweater dresses/cardigans, fitted shirts and long tops. All cover the bum and therefor give a longer, leaner look to legs; keeping shapes in proportion.

How to Wear Leggings

Leggings are versatile, comfy and figure-flattering accessories, providing they are worn well. Any woman can carry them off, by simply being mindful of a few style tips:

sexy women leggings - Do not expose the bottom or the gap between the mid-thigh. Choose a longer-length top which hits the mid-thigh. This elongates the torso and gives proportion.

- Invest in the best. Choose a good quality fabric which will keep its shape (one with more than 4% lycra). Cheap leggings have a tendency to bobble and go out of shape. Choose a thicker fabric rather than fabrics which appear sheer. Thicker leggings not only slim but add shape and support. Avoid skintight tops. Proportions must be right, big over small, loose over tight.

sexy leggings fashion - Stay away from leggings that make legs look like the size of tree trunks. Go for black or dark gray for a more slimming effect.

- Longer leggings (those which finish just-above the ankle rather than mid-calf) will slim and elongate the leg.

- A classic dress can be given an on-trend, edgy look by popping a pair of leggings underneath rather than plain tights.

- Add color to a plain dress or sweater by teaming it with a pair of colored leggings. Berry shades are classy, or for the more adventurous and those with slim legs, try this season’s teal blue or fuschia.

sexy girls leggings - Buy the correct size, one that fits comfortably around the middle. The over-stuffed sausage look is not an attractive one!

- Footwear should either be flats, boots or pumps. High-heeled gladiators are great for a party look.

- A pair of this season’s hottest footwear, thigh-high boots look super sexy, but keep the top half understated (such as a simple sweater dress) to avoid the pantomime pirate look.

Leggings provide more shape and support than hosiery and are more fashionable than tights.They should be an accessory to an outfit and not the main component. By followiing a few fashion tips, a pair of good quality black lycra leggings can look appropriate on women of any age.