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Ruffle Bikini

hot women FRENCH BIKINI 2014
For many designer swimsuit companies, there is now a panic. A new style of bikini has come from seemingly nowhere to cause a fashion stir if not an all out fashion craze. It started with a few scantily clad celebrities, such as when Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba and even Lindsay Lohan wore the ruffle bikini and it kept growing organically from there. But, perhaps the biggest star to bring it to the forefront is Jennifer Aniston.

No matter whom you credit with starting this new trend, the ruffle bikini, sometimes referred to in the past tense, or ruffled bikini, has created quite the stir on this season's designer swimwear. And swimsuits from Brazil are no exception.

Ruffle Bikini Of 2014 Besides celebrities, who wears this suit? Well, that depends on who you ask. I have seen women of all ages don the ruffle bikini in Las Vegas, where fashion by the pool is taken very seriously. But, it does not stop there. You can also find it on the beaches of Southern California and South Florida. A rock solid body may be preferred, but it is not essential.

Why the panic? Because not all swimsuit companies are created equal. That's the most simple answer. Perhaps a better answer, some have deeper pockets and better machinery than others. Still, it's just a swimsuit, right? It is very light, such as any other bikini. It includes a simple single liner, not uncommon to most bikinis out there. Also, the fabric is not made of some new or special material. It's simple Italian Lycra or Spandex. So, what makes this suit so difficult for manufacturers to produce?

Well, this particular bikini has a laser finish and most small companies overseas cannot produce this new style. As with anything there is supply and demand, so those who can produce a ruffle bikini often have to outsource this technology. Anytime a suit has to leave one factory and enter another before you see it causes the suit to become more expensive from a wholesale perspective—which of course is passed along to you, the consumer.

Finally, where can you find this suit and how much does it cost? I would say the best answer to that is to simply type ruffle bikini or ruffled bikinis into your favorite search engine and follow the results. This will give you the best variety when shopping for a ruffle swimsuit, and I've even found it for as low as $79.00. Otherwise, you can go down to your local surf shop and ask for the ruffle bikini and have them lead you to the expensive side of the store and take a small fortune from you, usually around $165.00.

As a parting note, I would not worry about name brand and here is why. If the machinery costs so much that most companies cannot even produce a ruffle bikini, then it is likely that the quality will be very similar from brand name to brand name. So, this is one time when the name on the suit will not equal extra quality, nor will paying more for it. A simple check with your online store's return policy will ensure you are getting quality.


Billabong Pretty Bikinis Billabong Pretty Bikinis - Practical and Sexy Bikinis Practical and pretty, sassy and snug and swim-ready, Billabong bikinis bring a fun touch of the "land down under" to a day at the beach. As summer approaches and the dreaded task of swimsuit shopping gets closer, this lively brand of sporty but sexy swimwear is definitely worth trying on.
Nothing Stagnant About Billabong Bikinis!
An Australian word meaning a stagnant pool or backwater, the name Billabong has been associated with nothing but activity since 1973 when its founder developed board shorts for surfers that would stand up not just to the rough Australian elements, but to the pounding the clothes got from the surfers themselves. The high quality of the fabric and unique triple-stitching design, as well as the great prints, soon lent themselves to ladies' swimwear, and Billabong bikinis are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Trendy Bikini To Wear On The Beach For Summer Thread bikini, g drawstring along bikini or what some populate call a bikini micro drawstring along is our specialty! Available in a large range of striking summer bikini colors there is always a bikini to suit you and your shape. Suppliers of designer swimwear, bikinis, thongs, and wash up suits for ladies, teens will generally have most styles in stock and ready. These designs do not require any additional side straps to keep the garment in post.

Sexy-Strings-bikini Brazilian Bikini - String Sexy Bikini In a land that worships the sun, the Brazilian bikini is cut down to the bare minimum for maximum exposure in every sense of the word.
About the Brazilian Bikini
If you think a string bikini is revealing, just wait until you take a look at the Brazilian bikini.
Take the average tiny American string bikini, cut off that extra two-inches of excess fabric around the edges, and you'll have a working idea of what a Brazilian bikini is all about. These suits are cut far more daringly than many women in the Northern Hemisphere might usually consider wearing, even in sunny California.

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