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Tankini Tops-Womens Swimwear 2014 Trends

black White Tankini Top
These suits are made to provide support and slimming properties around the hip and tummy area for women that are a plus size. Normally this type of support was only found in a one piece swimsuit, now that is no longer the case. This suit can also be restricting for some women, for example larger women, who can often experience the pain of their bathing suit straps cut into their skin. In addition, some women feel that their one piece bathing suit is also too short in their stride. And yet, when it comes to the Tankini swimsuit that is not the case, and women quickly appreciate the benefits that the Tankini offers.

Ever since the first Tankini was made, countless designers have jump on the bandwagon and have subsequently attached their brand names to the labels. One such is Delta Burke who has designed a selection of Tankinis specially for women who are plus size. Liz Claiborne is another designer who has created her own line by creating something new.

Hot Sexy Women Tankini Top
Fantasie Tankini Top Blue Tankini Top

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