Slouchy Black Pants

SLOUCHY BLACK LEATHER PANTS Okay - the slouchy fit pants are a much debated topic around my circle of friends. I personally love the unusual cut and think that if done correctly these pants do look edgy, fashion forward, and modern.

Here are some of the recent comments I got:

Why do you want to wear pants that make you look like a conductor in an orchestra?

Why do you want to wear pants that look like you have on a diaper? or that you needed to go to the bathroom?

Of course,I went ahead and purchased this pair at J.Crew despite popular commentary. I plan on pairing them with a simple v-neck t-shirt and a brown belt with a gold buckle to make them more casual vs. corporate. And of course, platform heels are a must to show off the cropped fit. :)

I also stumbled across this pair by Alice + Olivia and think they would look terrific with summer sandals/ clogs!


Popular this spring SLOUCHY BLACK PANTS TROUSERS Boyfriend jeans aren’t the only slouchy pants that are popular this spring. Slouchy trousers are a must for any woman with a sense of fashion in the office or who wants to look sleek and chic during the evening. Luckily, this trend is more available than the boyfriend jean and it comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

The slouchy trouser is different from the regular wide-leg pant. The easiest way to tell the difference is the waistline pleating on the slouchy trouser, adding a casual volume from the hips downward.

The perfect slouchy trouser has a waistline that begins a little below the natural waist and rests casually on the hips. Avoid higher waistlines, which are too structured.

For work, tuck a slightly voluminous printed blouse like Forever 21's Starry Night Chiffon Blouse into your slouchy trousers, and for evening try pairing them with a sparkly tank (still tucked in, of course).

Try playing with layered items, such as chic vests like this Bensoni Vest Tank and cropped jackets. When in doubt, just stick with a simplified color palette like black, gray, and white.

Slouchy pants look best when worn with a great pair of platforms, whether they’re sandals or booties. Our favorite just happens to be a great pair of Darcie Piped Slingback silver platforms which pair perfectly with the black and white color scheme we favor.

No matter which trend is more your style, just remember to keep it loose and fun because this fall is all about the slouch!