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The Most Flattering Ladies Puffer Coats

The Most Flattering Ladies Puffer Coats

When you're heading out on a winter day, adding an extra protective layer is part of the process. Bundling up doesn't have to be a drag; there are so many varieties of coats to suit every person's fashion and taste. Coats may be chosen for their utility (protecting from the elements) or their style (showing off a flair for adventure). With an endless range of length, color, pattern and fabric, overcoats can ensure you stay warm while looking good.

One of the biggest problems people face during winter is how to look good even when wearing extremely bulky clothes. People who are actually quite slender will look chubbier whereas people who are already overweight will look quite boxy. Ladies puffer coats are a case in point because they are incredibly comfortable to wear but they can easily look very unattractive. However, this does not necessarily have to be so because it is possible to select the perfect outerwear that suits all sorts of body types.

The first thing to do is keep the puffer properly tailored so that it fits your torso well. It is essential that it fits the shoulder properly because that will look the most attractive. It should also fit the hips properly. Two good looking options for silhouettes are A-line and Straight.

The Most Flattering Ladies Puffer Coats Jackets The ladies puffer coats you buy should have a flat puff. Ladies puffer coats that are quilted very heavily tend to make you look very fat and should therefore be avoided. If you select a jacket that is filled with a superior warming material such as goose down you will be able to get away with a very thin jacket. Polyester filling is just not effective at keeping you cozy and these jackets therefore tend to be excessively bulky and unattractive. It is certainly worth spending extra money on goose down filled outerwear rather than ones filled with polyester. If you are worried about the cost then you should wait for discount sales so that you can buy a high quality coat that is filled with goose down.

Puffer Jacket

Not just for ski slopes, a puffer jacket is a way to keep warm while leaving the bottom fashions (jeans, skirt, new trousers) free to be seen. The puffer jacket is a quilted, thick coat that offers a couple of built-in layers; some come with a hood. Most puffer jackets are a single color, with close-to-the-body darting, zippered pockets and features such as snaps.

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