Women Must Have Jackets and Coats for Spring

Michael Kors Women Spring Coat If you are looking to recession proof your wardrobe, a classic jacket style is a far better investment than a seasonal style. A classic can maintain its fashion appeal for decades on end. Just consider the longevity of a Burberry trench, or a Chanel tweed style. These are considered hot finds in the vintage department.

This is not to say that you need to purchase a designer item, but it is important to look for a style that is constructed well and made from a quality fabric. When it comes to styling you need to look for simple lines and understated details. The following is a brief guide to some of the most popular classic jacket styles.

Five classic jacket styles:

1.Trench coat

The trench coat first came into being when Thomas Burberry was commissioned by the British Army to create a jacket style that would keep officers dry and warm in World War I. The sheer practicality of this style, with its water resistant outer, wool lining and lightweight construction has seen it become a favored item in both men’s and women’s closets 100 years on. For timeless appeal it is best to select either a black or neutral colored trench with limited epaulettes, buckles and outer details. If possible, select a style that allows you to remove the tie belt, because this allows you to mix up the look by replacing it with different feature belts.

Michael Kors Women Black Leather Jacket 2. Tailored leather jacket

A tailored leather jacket is fabulous at adding a little edge to your look, without looking too casual. If you want to ensure longevity avoid too many motorcycle style details and stick to something that looks sleek.

3. Wool coat

A basic wool coat is indispensable if you live in a cold climate. A black or camel style with quality looking buttons will do you well year after year. Single breasted styles suit shorter women and women who want to look slimmer, but if you want to look curvier than a double breasted style may be more flattering on you.

4. Denim jacket

Denim jackets have gone through many shape and detail transformations, but they have never been made obsolete. They look good with causal items like cords, but they also pair well with some of your more dressy pieces like pretty frocks, because they help dress them down for day. The most classic styles are those cut like a blazer or a simple slightly square cut style.

Black blazer jacket 5. Black blazer jacket

A basic black blazer works with suiting separates right through to a pair of jeans. The essential requirement is selecting a style that flatters your body shape.

Remember that the fit of your jacket is just as important as its styling. If you have difficulty finding the perfect fit, it is worthwhile to employ the services of a tailor to alter a jacket to suit. A well fitting jacket will flatter your body and convey a much more luxurious appeal even if you bought a fairly inexpensive style. Alternatively consider having a classic style made to measure.