Tie-Dye Bags for Summer

Tie-Dye Bags for Summer For Spring we have already showcased two major handbag trends, denim bags and perforated leather bags. A third bag trend that we continue to see, and possibly the trend for Spring that will be seen most frequently, are tie-dye bags.

Tie-Dye has made its way into Spring collections by contemporary and premium designers alike, each using different techniques to add the trendy effect. While some used a tie-dye-like effect accomplished by folding leather of two tones, other designers showed multiple color dye compilations. designer handbag purses Spring generally signals a fresh start; not only does the weather get brighter and warmer but also people give their homes an annual cleanup. Don’t neglect your wardrobe each spring, as it too needs a refreshing change. If you decide to go tie-dye, pick a versatile purse shape that you can imagine using for various occasions. Big, roomy hobos and totes and small, compact evening clutches are always a safe route.

One of the most recognizable clutch designers is Lauren Merkin, who designed a tye-dye clutch caught our attention. The glazed, snakeskin-print leather is adored with a colorful and playful rainbow pattern. For the shopper looking to try this trend without breaking bank, this clutch is the perfect starting point.

The Donna Karan Eldridge is one of the first tie-dye bags that we saw for Spring online. The Eldridge is a stand out bag because of its four-ways-to wear and pleated leather. barbie look with handbag Right after this Bottega Veneta bag hit the runway, the handbag world was a buzz about the Superlight Aquilone bag from the house of Bottega Veneta. The leather is folded randomly and then the skin is pressed. Once the skins are ready they are dyed and when dry opened to reveal the two-tone effect which shoes varying shades of the color and white.

Not just known for shoes, Jimmy Choo continues to expand into the handbag world. Also on trend, the Robin from Jimmy Choo was recreated in a colorful tie-dye leather on an exotic Elaphe snake bag

Derek Lam Nadia Hobo uses neutral hues in its color palette. The tie-dye effect is evident yet so subtly used that it works beautifully. Some of the tie-dye bags show intense colors, but the Derek Lam Nadia Hobo is so subtle in its execution that it is one of the best true tie-dye bags of the season.