How to Get the Look - Vests-Dresses

blue winter dress Want to learn more? Well, the look is very simple and easy to follow. Pick a dress that is appropriate for layering or covering (the best selection are daytime dresses for the summer - cotton jersey is a great lightweight fabrication). Then choose a vest that complements the texture, color, and style of your dress. Keep in mind whether or not your dress has sleeves and the length of the sleeves, the outline and shape of the dress (i.e. balloon, flowy, straight, a-line, etc.) and at times the length measurement of the overall dress. These are the factoring characteristics that will play into how you wear, exhibit, and rock the look. Two things to keep in mind:

- Prints: If you have a solid dress, spring for a patterned vest like plaid. If you have a print dress, get a vest that has less going on. If you want to mix a graphic dress with a vest also harboring print work, try easing it up a bit with pinstripes and embellished buttons or pockets. You don't want to overdo the print with either party, it becomes too dominate for the eyes to handle, and you'll eventually look like a hot mess.

- Solids: Solids never fail. In fact, if you wear a dress and a vest in a singular or uniting hue, it creates a very fanciful and professional look. It makes great for an office friendly getup. Try a jumper dress with a subtle tailored vest - it's exquisite! Also, don't be afraid to mix and match and find the harmonizing tones for your complexion and for your personal style in clothing.

Overall, this look is empowering when worn correctly. Accessorizing is a must as well! Go for bangles, embellished boots, and get-you-noticed earrings. Remember to cater to what fits you in the extent of your very own fashion sense and style. Have fun with it, and save your items for next season, especially the sleeved dresses!