Backless Halter Tops - Sexy Tight Backless Cowl Neck Halter Top

Green Backless Halter Top Backless halter tops can be just the items you need to keep you cool all summer long. Available in a wide range of styles, these versatile tops pair well with any number of bottoms.


The fabric your halter top is made of helps determine the drape and what bottoms go best with it. You'll probably find these tops made in cotton, linen, rayon, silk, polyester or denim. Since halters have an open-back construction, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping cool even on the hottest day.

When you want a dressy casual look, wear a top made of silk or linen. Cotton and jersey knit are fine for very casual days.

Women Backless Halter Tops

Wearing Backless Halter Tops

You can choose how revealing your halter top is. Some will stop mid-back, allowing you to wear a bra beneath it, while others will be completely backless. Like tube tops and short shorts, these tops are typically part of a summer wardrobe. While they're not suitable for work, halter tops are appropriate for many casual occasions.

Stylish women can create a cute summer outfit by pairing their halter tops with any of the following:
- Slacks: Look elegant and sophisticated in a dressy halter top and crisp cotton or linen slacks. This is a nice date night ensemble, but will also work well for special lunches and anytime you want a casual look with some added flair.
- Jeans: You can instantly change the look of your halter top outfit by your choice of jeans. Dark, slim jeans worn with a dressy halter top is perfect for hitting your favorite nightclubs. Or roll the legs of a loose pair of jeans and slip into canvas sneakers for an easy weekend look.
Hot Backless Halter Tops - Denim skirt: Long or short, a simple or funky denim skirt is a great complement to a variety of halter tops.
- Cotton skirt: Cotton is such a summertime staple that you should have no trouble finding skirts made of this lightweight material. Wear a solid-color halter top with a brightly patterned skirt for a vibrant ensemble. Or wear a long, flowing skirt with a funky halter top for more of a bohemian vibe.
- Capri pants: These pants may give you a feeling of more coverage when wearing your shoulder-baring top. Available in linen, denim and cotton blends, capri pants will pair well with just about any halter.
- Shorts: Be careful with your shorts selection when wearing such a revealing top, particularly if the entire back is on display. Very young, fit women can get away with short shorts and a completely backless halter, but women who prefer more coverage should opt for long or Bermuda shorts.

The Right Undergarments

To present the most fashionable look when wearing backless halter tops, choosing the right undergarment is essential. Some women may opt to go braless, which is fine if they're small-busted. However, even women who aren't particularly busty may crave the security of some type of bra. Some options include:
- Clear strap bras
- Strapless
- Halter or convertible bras