See Through Bikinis 2016

The internet is atwitter today with “news” of swimwear that allows tanning through the suit. No tans lines, they promise. This is old news, people. Suits claiming to allow line-less tanning have been around for years. In fact, last year I purchased one from Victoria’s Secret. Let me tell you, this product is no exception to the old maxim “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

They appear to be sheer when held up to the light, but I can vouch that your modesty will remain intact. As for that flawless tan? I did notice my covered skin looking slightly darker than when covered by a traditional suit, but the color difference was still quite striking. At least, unlike the suits featured on The Cut, my “sun-thru” bikini is sartorially pleasing, despite it’s failure in functionality. I wouldn’t recommend against purchasing one - they’re very light and keep you quite cool - just don’t expect a miracle.