Misses Summer Dresses - Lovely Summer Dresses for Any Occasion

White Misses Summer Dresses One of the best parts of summer is the chance to wear an array of lovely misses' summer dresses. Just about anything goes and a dress can be worn anywhere, any time of day, so it's all about what you want and what makes you feel comfortable and lovely!

Options in Misses' Summer Dresses

For the hottest summer days, you of course want something that is lightweight and breathes. Many pretty summer dresses come in polyester or blends that, on very hot days, can promote sweat and stickiness. They can work well on a summer night or a less humid day. Hotter days demand fibers such as linen, cotton and even silk. Some microfibers will breathe well too.

One of the most popular styles of misses' summer dress is the classic combination of a fitted bodice and flowing skirt. It's a look that can evoke dresses of the 1940s and 1950s or can be strikingly modern. The skirt can be any length and the top can be a halter, strapless or feature cap sleeves. But however it's styled, this is a cut that always says "summer."

Lighter and looser-fitting dresses are also very popular. These can make you feel like you're attending a garden party in the 1920s with a modern flair. A long, loose dress in a light-colored fabric with some subtle design can keep you walking happy all day long. Pair it with a big floppy hat, long beads and some cute sandals and you'll look and feel amazing. Short Misses Summer Dresses

Shorter Dresses

Starting in the 1960s, skirts for young women got shorter. A classic misses summer dress in the 1960s was the drop-waisted "scooter" dress. Slim fitting with short or no sleeves and a short skirt – sometimes a skort – this dress was the epitome of mod. You could wear it with contrasting tights on cooler days, but in summer, the thing to do was go bare-legged. The older generation was shocked, but for those who had suffered with itchy stockings and heavy undergarments in all weather, it was the beginning of real clothing liberation.

Cute mini dresses have been a staple of summer clothes ever since. Skirts can be straight or flared and tops run the gamut in styles. With a short, flared skirt, you do run some risks if it's a windy day. Women have opted for things like knickers or tap pants to preserve modesty, but these days the more favored option is leggings in varying lengths or colors. Leggings, like some of the psychedelic tights of the 1960s, can add extra verve to an already kicky dress, as well as preserve comfort and modesty.

Misses Modest Summer Dresses

Whether for religious reasons or a formal summer church wedding, sometimes you want a more modest dress then the short skirted, backless halter tops so commonly seen. One option is the classic sheath, a long, loose dress that, if it's in linen, can even feature longer sleeves and still be comfortable. A sleeveless dress can be made more modest with a light cardigan – often necessary when you are going from day into evening. Other advantages to a more modest dress on a hot day is you actually enjoy more sun protection without needing sunblock. You might even stay cooler, because the fabric does the work of filtering out the sun's rays, rather than your skin.