Long White Sexy Summer Dresses

Long White Sexy Summer Dress In overwhelming heat, nothing is more comfortable or alluring than long white sexy summer dresses. Despite their inherent simplicity, white dresses are the enigmatic stars of a woman's closet. They may not enjoy the popularity or versatility of the always-fabulous Little Black Dress, but white dresses definitely have their time and place during the sweltering summer months.

Summer Whites

If white has anything going for it, it's the endurance factor. It's categorized with the neutrals of the world, and it's the perfect complement for vibrant colors. On its own, it hits a chic, elegant note that is sublimely summery. You almost can't go wrong, unless the color simply doesn't flatter your skin tone or your figure – or you abide by the "it's bad to wear white after Labor Day" rule of old.

Some women prefer to wear white in small doses, pairing a pair of white shorts with a bright polo shirt, for example, or a white blouse with a dark pencil skirt. Others feel confident wearing white from head to toe. During the summer, especially, white is an important hue because it reflects light, absorbs perspiration and exudes a fresh, polished appearance even in the steamiest conditions. It's no wonder that white dresses are so popular during the hottest time of the year!

Going Long

Long White Sexy Summer Dress Long dresses aren't necessarily staples in every closet and definitely aren't always the go-to choice for all women. Petite individuals in particular may avoid a longer length because it can overwhelm small frames with an abundance of fabric, but it's certainly possible for a smaller woman to pull it off, provided she's wearing the right cut. The trick is to ensure that the petite frame does not "drown" in the material. Opt for a dress that is fitted on top and grazes the lower half without appearing voluminous. An A-line or bias cut is ideal. The addition of heels always helps, of course.

On the other hand, larger women may feel more comfortable in a lengthier dress. Full-length styles are genius for hiding a multitude of sins, from wide hips to thick thighs. In general, long dresses are quite friendly to the average figure, as well. With so many varieties to choose from, there's a long dress for nearly every woman.

There's certainly no dearth of long white sexy summer dresses on the market! In fact, the stores begin to burst with flirtatious frocks in gorgeous light colors as early as February, when certain spring styles start to appear. By April, summer dresses are everywhere and you can really get started on building a great wardrobe for the upcoming season.

In your search for the perfect white summer dress, keep a couple of things in mind. "Sexy" means different things to different people; for some, it means showing an abundance of skin and for others it's about being diminutively feminine. Either way, you'll find choices aplenty in retail stores and online. Here's a sampling of the types of dresses you can expect to come across:

Long White Sexy Summer Dress 2016 - Halter dresses are classy and polished. Some boast a thicker strap, which provides support for a larger bust, while others have a sinewy spaghetti strap. Try labels Rachel Pally and T-Bags for outstanding selections.

- Sundresses are, of course, summer staples. Not only are they simple (just throw it on and go!), they serve as a stark canvas for a couple of your favorite accessories. There's nothing sexier, for example, than a long white sundress paired with gold jewelry, a light scarf and a pair of flat sandals.

- Maxi dresses are popular for a reason! Light, airy and comfortable, these dresses have an air of casual elegance. Some flow loose while others are cinched with a wide, Grecian-style metallic belt. Try a variety of styles to suit different occasions, from rooftop barbecues overlooking the city to pool parties over a bathing suit.

- Evening gowns are also wardrobe essentials. When your summer agenda starts to fill up with dressy events, consider a white gown made with chiffon. Some styles are completely simple, while others boast details like ruching, crystal adornments, ruffles and full skirts. Avoid wearing white to a wedding, though – unless you're the bride.

Wearing white? Then you'll want to abide by a few simple but very necessary rules in order to look the picture of polished perfection:

- Flesh colored undergarments are your best friends. Avoid wearing white as it is highly likely to show through!

- Don't wear white shoes if you can help it. A contrasting heel or flat is a much more suitable option, even in a simple flesh toned shade.