Jumpsuits and Rompers - Beach Linen Short Rompers

Jumpsuit Jumpsuits have been around for ages and Katharine Hepburn made this look enchanting back in the 30’s with her monogrammed silk jumpsuit. Today, the styles have changed, but the rompers are back and more glamorous than ever. The look is lean and very slimming and can be either casual or elegant, depending on the accessories and shoes that are added to the outfit. So how does a woman find a jumpsuit that suits her body and style the best? There are a few things that a woman should consider before purchasing a romper or jumpsuit.


A woman should first try to determine which type of suit she would rather have or that would fit her the best. A romper is normally a jumper with shorts, while a jumpsuit normally has pants. Both types can either have short sleeves, sleeveless or strapless depending on your style choice. Both types can also be worn as a casual fit or dressy, and can be paired with different accessories to achieve the desired look.

Try It On

Jumpsuit To find a good fit, you should try on all jumper types and sizes. Each jumper and romper fits completely differently than a dress, a pair of pants, or shorts. If you are looking for a jumpsuit with pants, make sure you check the length to ensure they are not too long or too short. Try them on with flats and heels to get a good idea of the length and if they will need to be hemmed. You should also try to sit down and walk around in the jumper to see if it is too tight to sit or too long when standing. The wrong size jumpsuit can also make your butt look flat and long.

Color and Texture

Floral and prints can be overbearing at times, so depending on the design, it may be best to stick with solid colors because they flatter the figure. Darker colors and jumpers without patterns can minimize anything on the figure that needs to be discrete, such as a heavier bottom half or pouching tummy. Choosing the appropriate color for your shape is extremely important since a jumper can cling to certain areas of the body and each type of fabric—jersey, silk or satin—hugs a woman’s curves in different ways. Solid colors are also best to pair bold accessories with.

Casual and Chic

Both jumpsuits and rompers can be casual, depending on the fabric type and the accessories worn with it. To keep your solid print jersey romper cool and casual, wear flat sandals, such as gladiators and wear minimal jewelry. Jumpsuit

Dressy and Sophisticated

Satin is very dressy and perfect for a hot summer night, you are able to stay cool and still look sophisticated. In order to make this look work the best, pair the satin romper with some fun gold accessories, such as a chunky necklace and gold clutch. Work some high-heeled sandals with the outfit to really bring it up a notch or stay more comfortable with high wedge sandals.