Hottest Summer Handbag Trends 2016 - Bright and Bold Handbags

Summer 2016 Handbag Trends With summer here, you simply can’t still lug around that heavy duty bag from winter that you happened to get away with in the spring. It is time to spice things up and add a little flavor back to your handbag collection. Enough with the drab, it’s time to go back to fab! Summer is a time to explore your look and really have fun with what you are wearing, so bring some color, different animal skins or embellishments into your look for a fresh, fun summer style.

Denim Handbags

Gucci Denim Handbags 2016 Denim has really been making a statement this year, with denim button downs being all the rage, to denim cut offs and now denim handbags can be added to the list. One of the best looks for this style is a small messenger pouch so you can throw it over your shoulder or cross it over your body to keep your look simple but neat. Since denim matches everything you will not have a hard time wearing it with your wardrobe, especially with your street wear!

Bright and Bold Handbags

Michael Kors Bright and Bold Handbags We are seeing a lot of sexy clutches that are perfect for evening wear with the different animal prints and sassy bright colors. The hottest look right now has been seen all over Sex and the City 2, with the bright and bold handbags from Adriana Castro. What’s cool about these designs is that they have contrasting prints and skins and to top it all off there is a splash of color added so it really offers s fresh new way to look sophisticated. Of course you can always stick with simply adding a purse to your wardrobe that is a vibrant color that will instantly add some oomph to your look, even when you are heading to the office.

Handbags with Embellishments and Hardware

Armani Jeans Handbags 2016 Bags with funky hardware and chic embellishments are what everyone is talking about this season. It seems the bolder the better! Pick up a bag with some fly away fringe, edgy studs, or glistening beads to really make your look rock. Purses with a delicate chain strap are also very popular this time of year because they can be worn for more than just a night out! Try pairing them with your work gear during the day.

Neutral Tone Handbags

There is something to be said about wearing bronzed colors such as brown, gold and tan during the summer. These colors just reek of the hot summer heat and look amazing whether you are heading out to a beach party, a lunch date or even to a meeting for work. You will be able to wear just about any color you desire when you have such a neutral color bag, so you can lug this purse along wherever you go!

It’s summertime ladies, and that means ditch those boring purses and add some spice to your wardrobe with a bag as hot as the summer heat!