Gold Trench Coats for Women - Path to Instant Style Success

Gold Trench Coats for Women Buckling up in chic women's gold trench coats is a quick path to instant style success. The trench is a classic piece that's undergone constant reinventions over the years, beginning as the basic neutral before transitioning to more daring, unexpected territories involving animal prints, bolder colors and metallic sheens. The gold interpretation of this beloved coat makes for a surprisingly versatile addition to any basic wardrobe.

About Trench Coats

Consider the trench coat an essential as revered as the little black dress, the black pump and the everyday tote bag. In addition to being extremely functional by providing comfort and protection against harsh elements, it also happens to be the epitome of high fashion. Trench coats are members of the history hall of fame, appearing in everything from classic films on some of the world's most gorgeous women to officers in the British army during World War I, who sported the coat as part of their uniform. Clearly, the trench coat has enjoyed a thoroughly impressive travel through time.

As styles and tastes have changed, so too has the trench coat – but not so drastically that it loses its innate sense of what makes it so noteworthy. From the figure-flattering, slightly a-line cut cinched at the waist with a tie belt to the numerous color palettes and designs that have decorated them, trench coats prove themselves as all-occasion outerwear. There is, in essence, a coat to match every outfit, and there is nothing that can't be worn underneath a trench.

While you won't find the same characteristics on every trench coat, many share similarities. The traditional style boasts ten buttons, is double breasted and has a belt, with the color palette usually some variation of beige. Modern trench coats veer slightly off center and bring new designs to the fold – some provocative, some alluring, some dainty, some transparent, some long and some short. The list goes on, of course.

Going for the Gold

Michael Kors Gold Trench Coat Never have metallic hues enjoyed as much popularity as they do today. Shades of silver, gold, copper, bronze and even champagne are now considered modern classics. They pair beautifully with a number of other colors, can be played up or down with ease and transition well from work to play. The trick is to find the right shade for your skin tone – some look fabulous in silver, while others feel their best in gold – and work with that.

Gold trench coats are especially eye-catching and undeniably irresistible. The sultry addition of metallic material to the no-nonsense trench brings a new element to everyday apparel. Imagine the difference between a khaki trench, jeans and boots and a gold trench with the same outfit. Gold is striking and can take on a fierce, edgy stance, but it can also be diminutive, innocent and even sweet.

Shopping for Women's Gold Trench Coats

When shopping for women's gold trench coats, bear in mind that it's really just like shopping for any type of trench coat. The first priority is fit. Trench coats are exceptionally flattering, so finding one that does your figure justice is only half the battle. Once you've conquered that, your next goal is to find the coat that best meets your needs. If you love small details, like additional hardware or plenty of pockets, keep your eyes open for those.

Finally, color and design are crucial. Your coat should express your personal taste and fit in well with your wardrobe. If you consistently wear a uniform of neutrals, you probably won't have much use for a transparent, lacy style that oozes sex appeal. Yet if those neutrals need a little punch of color, you may well love a red, animal print or metallic trench to liven things up.