Studded Shorts - Funky, Flirty and Glamorous Shorts

Flirty Studded Shorts 2014 Rocker shorts offer a little glam and a little funk with their studded feature, but shouldn’t be made to make you feel intimidated. You can make these shorts your own by mixing and matching different looks. But whatever you do, don’t wear long tops to cover these! You want to make sure your studs are shown. Have fun with this look and it is guaranteed to make you feel fearless and fashionable.

Rock it Out

To really make these shorts a bold statement, pair them with a funky top with ruffles, lace or even mesh if you‘re really feeling daring. Then add a lot of funky and stylish jewelry to match. It can either be silver chains or it can be colored jewelry to give your look an even more wild side. Wear this outfit with some sexy booties or heels. To keep it a little more low key, trying pairing them with some sandals. Funky Half White Studded Shorts 2014

No Long Tops Allowed

You want to show off your rocker style, so what’s the point of covering them up with a long shirt? These types of shorts need to be shown off and the only way to do that is to wear a shirt that doesn’t hide any of the studded detail. Try to wear a top that hits right along your waistline. If you have a top that you just have to wear and is a little on the longer side, don’t worry, you can still wear it! Instead of leaving it out, tuck your shirt into your shorts so you can still see all the detail.

Glam it up!

These shorts don’t have to only look like rocker; you can actually make them seem a bit more feminine if you want. Wear a billowy tank top or tee tucked in and double up on the necklaces and stick with gold for a more romantic feel. You can also wear flat sandals to keep the look comfortable but chic. If studs are not really your thing, then opt for more of a beaded feature instead. While studs look like you are a rocker girl, beads and sequins look a little more flirty and glamorous.