Angora Sweater Dresses - The Sexiest Winter Outfits

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Angora sweater dresses are some of the sexiest winter outfits and flattering on all body types.

About Angora Sweater Dresses

Who doesn't love a curve-hugging dress that celebrates a woman's figure while looking classy and put-together? Sweater dresses, angora included, are some of the most comfortable things you can wear in the fall. When angora is involved, they can also be some of the most luxurious feeling things you can wear. They're generally effortless even though they'll leave you looking like you got all dressed up and put in some serious effort.

The fabric of an angora sweater dress is incredibly touchable, and made from some of the softest wool around. Angora fibers, taken from angora rabbits, are very fine and silky, so they have to be added to other materials for a final knitted product. Choices often include cashmere or lambs wool. The knitted sweater dress ends up being quite warm, making it a good layering choice in the winter as well as a good basic piece for fall.

Choosing the Right Shape for Your Body

Sweater dresses tend to hug a woman's curves no matter what, so be sure to choose the skirt length, sleeve length, and neckline you feel accents your features best. Busty girls may like V-necks, while petite women may prefer boat neck styles or cowl necks.

Sweater dresses made with lightweight cotton knits that emphasize every imperfection may frighten those without tight, toned bodies, but thicker fabrics can highlight your best features while disguising the things you don't like. If you would still like a little extra smoothing, sweater dresses glide on nicely over Spanx, and you may look pounds slimmer in the time it takes to get dressed.

Potential Issues with an Angora Dress

One problem that comes with angora sweaters or sweater dresses is the potential for itching. This is easily amended by wearing a silky slip or shaping undergarments to put a layer between your skin and the fabric. One other con to purchasing a sweater dress made from an angora blend is the fact that you most likely will not be able to throw it into the washer. If you're a wash-dry-wear kind of woman, it may not be the best pick for you. At the very least, you'll want to save them for special occasions so that you only have to take the time to hand wash or dry clean the garment a few times per year. Though a sweater dress made from angora may be cozy, comfortable, and begging to be worn from September until February, stocking up won't be a good idea for those who prefer clothes that are easy to maintain.

How to Wear Them

The secret to angora sweater dresses comes from knowing how to accessorize them. A thick or chunky belt is one way to accent a womanly figure. Worn with textured tights and pumps or knee high boots, sweater dresses with angora might just make up your fall wardrobe.

Sweater Dresses 2016 In the winter when things cool off even more, you can wrap a long peacoat or trench on top. Stick to the boots rather than pumps, and wear thicker tights. If you're afraid the coat and dress combination will make you lose your shape under the bulk, try tying a belt on the outside of the coat instead of underneath, around the dress.

Angora sweater dresses are classy additions to any fall or winter wardrobe, but they take work to maintain. Though you'll want to wrap yourself in the coziness and warmth they provide, you may want to save them for special occasions. No matter when you wear them, you're sure to look fabulous, so be ready to flaunt your curves.