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The Best Way to Care for Your Acuvue Colored Contacts

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Beauty Secrets for Brides

Wanting to wow everyone on your big day? You can with these simple tips below.

Start a routine with your skin care and soon. The sooner the better. You could see a dermatologist to get a skincare regimen that best fits your needs.

Drink lots of water. Hydrating your skin will work wonders you never knew it could. Drinking water will clean out the toxins in your system and help keep your complexion clear.

Always wear sunscreen. This will keep your skin for getting a patchy pigmentation and then you will have a smooth complexion for your big day.

If you want a tan look, donít bother with the sun or a tanning bed. Get a spray on tan. You can get one at the same places that you can use a tanning bed generally. There are also tanning lotions.

Visit your hairdresser about once a month. Keeping your hair trimmed and getting a conditioning treatment will make your hair strong and healthy.

Exercise. With a good diet and at least half an hour of exercise a day your body will look fierce.

Get manicures once a week and use hand lotion everyday. Also look into getting a pedicure.

Donít buy a box of hair dye to dye your hair at home. Spend the extra money and get it done professionally. If you are looking to go with a new color, do it months before your wedding day and before settling use a temporary dye. Highlights tend to compliment the face though.

Find a make up artist and hair stylist for your wedding. Look at work they have done before and get references. Also have a practice run before your day.
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