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Latest Information on Acne, Acne Treatment, and Acne Skin Care

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The Latest Information on Acne, Acne Treatment, and Acne Skin Care

Acne is a skin condition caused by plugged pores due to the action of hormones on the skinís oil glands. The out break of lesions are commonly known as pimples. It is the most common skin disease in the United States affecting over 17 million people. Acne treatment is available and its condition does not poise a serious health threat. However, without the right acne skin care, permanent scarring can occur in the most severe cases. Acne usually appears between the ages of 10 and 13 and can last well into a personís thirties. In most cases, it will clear up by the time you reach 25 years of age, but again, some serious cases can last a life time.

There are a number of alternatives for acne treatment including topical prescription creams, oral prescriptions or completely natural remedies which can actually be made at home. The myth about acne is that it is totally related to our diet when in fact, it is almost always hereditary. Now there are some foods believed to trigger an outbreak and they tend to be high in iodine. Examples include beef liver, turkey, tortilla chips, kelp, asparagus, broccoli, white onions and corn only to name a few. If you really enjoy foods with high iodine content, you may want to experiment with them and take notes to see how your skin reacts the next day after having them. Acne skin care is crucial if you want to clear it up.

If you suffer from acne, there are a few simple acne treatment steps you can follow at home to try and minimize your outbreaks. First, wash your face only twice a day. Some people feel they have to wash continually to keep your face clean. The truth is, washing your face too often will dry it out. Dry skin actually triggers your body to produce more oil and this will then trigger more pimples and blackheads to form. Second, try and avoid using any face products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will again dry your skin out and you know what happens next. Finally, donít squeeze your pimples. Squeezing them can actually force bacteria down further into your skin which will prolong the pimples life. If you follow these simple acne skin care guidelines, you may notice a difference within a week.

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