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Acne Solution - The Only Top Acne Treatments That Removed My Acne Completely

If you have been searching for top acne treatments that will get rid of your acne problem then this article will help. I know that suffering with acne is not a pleasant experience. I' am going to save you a lot of time, frustration and money by showing you what helped removed my acne completely in just a month.

First let me tell you some of the things that really helped me prevent outbreaks when I had bad acne. Please understand that everyone skin type is different, so not everyone will react the same. Doing these things will help a lot no matter what skin type you have though.

Eating a lot of sweets foods and fast foods will increase your acne outbreak. I notice that my outbreak reduced dramatically once I stopped eating sugary foods and fast foods. It will be hard but you don't have to go cold turkey on this. Just make better decisions.

Drink plenty of water instead of soda. Removing soda completely will helps. Drinking more water has helped my skin to stop feeling irritated and itchy. What I do is mix sea salt with my water and drink it throughout the day.

Stop using acne medication, makeup or shampoo that contain chemical. Most acne medication will worsen your acne as time pass and have side effects. Makeup and shampoo can clog your pores, creating more breakout and irritations. Use organic makeup and shampoo instead. I have used Aveeno to wash my fast with great success!

Doing the above really helped me relieve my acne breakout, but my face still had acne which just won't go away and I would keep getting more acne everyday.

I have tried over a dozen acne products and only one worked successfully. By successfully I mean NO more acne. Other products I have tried have worked but have several serious side effects. I have also tried Proactiv which didn't work either.

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