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Acne Causes, Acne Treatments and Acne Cures

Acne is an inflamitory skin disease sometimes called 'pimples', 'acne pimples', 'spots' and 'zits'. The severity of the disease has different degrees, but most sufferers whether they have chronic acne or mild acne, want an acne cure.

The cause of most acne is blockage of follicles. Acne becomes visible when the sebaceous glands begin to swell due to the blockage, and produce extra sebum, which in turn causes bacterial overgrowth. When this happens, a 'whitehead' or a 'blackhead' usually forms. This is the cause of chin acne, back acne, adult acne ... all acne.

Once of the worst things about acne is the effect it has on self-esteem. That's why so many of us with it are looking for an acne cure. There are solutions to this skin problem. There is an acne treatment available. Actually, there are many acne treatments available. There is acne cream, acne remedies, and many other acne products.

Using the wisdom and experience of others, I've gathered a list of remedies for anybody with pimples wanting to know how to get rid of acne and acne scarring:

Using a rough cloth or liquid scrub to remove skin particles from the top layer of your skin is an excellent way to prevent a build up of dead skin cells which combine with oils to block your pores and eventually form acne, pimples and zits. It's better to use a liquid scrub with chemicals than to use a rough cloth because a rough cloth may irritate the skin.

Topical Bactericidals
Applying products with benzoyl peroxide or other chemicals on the areas affected by acne daily or twice daily is often a good way to cure acne. These products dissolve the oils blocking your pores and cause the pimple to fade. In addition, these products can also prevent new pimples from appearing, and can stop acne. Some products with bezoyl peroxide cause skin to become extremely dry, so it's a good idea to choose products that are proven.

Holistic Healing
I've saved the best for last. The true causes of Acne are much more than skin treatment. Your diet, your fitness and even your sex life all contribute to the health of your skin. To truly cure acne and stop pimples, you must fix the deeper problems. There's one kit that helps you cure acne permanently through holistic and natural steps. Acne No More is the only kit that offers a long-term solution to acne. Give it a try!

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