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The Perfect Glowing Skin Look

Perfect Glowing Skin Look
There's a new trend in town and it's causing quite a sensation. Glowing skin is the newest and hottest trend when it comes to makeup - here are some tips to help create this glowing skin makeup!

Adriana Lima The perfect skin looks radiant and flawless in every way. Many celebrities opt for glowing skin make-up when they have to make their appearance on certain formal events.

This type of makeup is appropriate for day wear as well as for evening wear. The makeup used will illuminate facial features making them look like they have a glow. Also the light which hits the complexion will subtly reflect off the skins surface, thus helping create the glowing effect.

First make sure you start with a clean complexion. In order to obtain a beautiful skin and complexion the dead skin cells and the dirt must be eliminated from the skin. Use a mild exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells of your skin, leaving it smooth, soft and clean.

Moisturize your face after you exfoliate to avoid getting dry patches of skin. If the skin is dry it will look dull and the skin might flake, causing it to be more obvious when the foundation is applied. Use a moisturizer which has SPF protection if you are going out in the sun to protect your beautiful skin from the Sun's dangerous rays.

sexy woman makeup Apply a makeup primer over your complexion to ensure a better coverage and a better setting of the make-up. There are a variety of brands which manufacture good quality primers so find the one that works best for you.

Cover any blemishes or pimples with a concealer so they will not be visible. Make sure you blend the concealer with the surrounding skin to make the transition smoother and less visible.

The next step is to apply foundation, only not just a regular one. To get the glowing effect you will need an illuminating foundation. Buy a good quality illuminating foundation for best results. Apply it with the help of a foundation sponge, a foundation brush or your fingers.

Do not apply any powder over your foundation because the powder will give a mat finish to your make-up, reducing the glow.

Apply a little bit of rosy cream blush on your cheeks to enhance them and to create a more feminine and finished look.

Enhance your eyes with makeup and apply a little bit of lip gloss or lipstick over your lips and you will look stunning.

Perfect Glowing Skin Look TIP!
Always carry a little touch-up kit with you to refresh your makeup in case you need touch-ups.

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