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Alternative Acne Treatments

The high percentage of people suffering from acne all over the world has led in recent times to an increase in the number of treatment alternatives available to people suffering from this condition. The classic antibiotics and creams have been supplemented by hormonal treatments, phototherapy and laser surgery. Others are trying to develop still more types of cures, such as diets built to avoid the consumption of dairy products, the use of chromium and zinc supplements and home made cures from various sorts of spices. Many of them havenít been scientifically proven yet.

Laser surgery is the latest technique developed by doctors to reduce the scars left behind by acne. Doctors use laser beams to burn out scar tissue, which allows the skin to generate new, healthy tissue instead. This technique is still in the early, primitive stages since it is used after follicles had turned to pimples and pimples were reduced to scars.

Still, new research shows that laser surgery could be used in the future to prevent acne from even happening, instead of just dealing with the consequences. Medical grade laser may soon be used to burn away the follicle sac where the hair grows or to burn the sebaceous gland in those parts of the skin that were subject to acne outbreaks again and again. Another approach currently being studied is the use of laser to induce the formation of oxygen in the bacteria in order to kill them. However, at this time, laser is still too dangerous for acne prevention since the extreme heat is known to cause long-term dryness of the skin and even spots.

Other research efforts focus on whole-genome DNA sequencing as a tool for identifying the genetic reasons why some people do not suffer from acne or develop only light forms of this condition. However, gene sequencing is still one of those techniques that belong to the future and are unlikely to become available soon.

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