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Trend - Permanent Makeup Application

permanent make up picture

Permanent makeup is quickly gaining momentum as the latest trend in cosmetic surgery. The application offers purely cosmetic benefits, but can also provide an enhancement to reconstructive plastic surgery.

Is Permanent Makeup for Me?

Many people dread the daily makeup ritual. Cosmetics can not only be expensive, but they often smudge and fade within a few hours of application. Permanent makeup can be the answer for people who want to enjoy the benefits without the attendant hassle. This procedure is also a good alternative for allergies. Vision and motor skills are other common reasons to opt for this treatment. Applying cosmetics can be a difficult process for many, and permanent makeup creates flawless enhancement.


The procedure is essentially a tattoo. The application uses colored ink administered through a cosmetic tattooing needle. The process usually requires two treatments; a touch-up session about once a year may be required to maintain vivid results.

For the Eyes

Permanent eye makeup can be applied as an eye shadow or eye liner. Eye liner can be performed by a certified technician in a cosmetic outpatient facility. Eye shadow, however, requires expertise. Look for a certified technician with a great deal of experience.

For the Eyebrows

Permanent makeup for eyebrows is a good way to add definition to eyebrows. Many people who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment or conditions such as alopecia turn to these applications to emulate the appearance of hair. It can also cover up hair loss due to waxing or tweezer mistakes.

The Lips and Permanent Makeup Application

Permanent makeup for the lips can create full, defined and more colorful lips. Lip liner adds symmetry and definition to thinner lips. The process for the entire lips creates full, more colorful lips and can also soften wrinkles.

Combining Application With Other Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Permanent makeup application can be combined with other forms of cosmetic plastic surgery to achieve better results. Many cosmetic reconstructive procedures, such as hair transplant and breast reconstruction require permanent makeup. For example, it is used as part of breast reconstruction surgery to help reconstruct the areola. View plastic surgery photos and discover more about the use of these procedures for reconstructive plastic surgery at

Risks Associated With Application

Because permanent makeup is essentially a tattoo, the risks are similar. The application can cause infection if needles are not sterilized. Swelling and bumps can form around the site of the treatment. Symptoms usually subside with time. An allergic reaction to the ink is uncommon, but can create serious difficulties. There is also the risk of scars, especially among people prone to keloid formation.

The Cost of Permanent Makeup Application

The cost for the treatment has many variables. Some procedures require a higher level of professional expertise, and will cost more. Location of the facility is also a factor. Application will cost less in densely populated regions. As a general guideline, the cost starts at about $350, and includes the second session. More complicated procedures can cost thousands.

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