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Tonight's your big night and you're ready for anything! Go for it with your eye make-up, forget about daytime colours, try something different.If you're going to dance until down, then your make-up needs to do tha same. My tip is to use a good base all over the eyelid,and apply the palest colour with a thick brush up to the browbone.Work in circular movements.To help the colour hold, press, rather than brush the colour onto the skin.

I ussually shape the eye with an amethyst eyeliner, following the natural lashline.Blend the colours with your fingers for a natural look. Keep the most intense colour in the crease of the eyelid, otherwise you could end more Drag Queen than Queen of the Night.Take colour from your hand instead of directly from the pot, to avoid adding too much in one go.Add more colour to the outer corners, with a big brush (n9).Use the same colour under the lower lashes for a mysterious look. Shimmery powders are best kept as a touch of magic for evening eyes.Don't apply directly to the eyes, as it can be difficult to work with.Highlights the inner corners.A final sweep of black khol (kajal black) for definition.Work as quickly as you can, so that your eyes don't water!
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