Selecting The Right Lipstick

Arabic make up 2013 picture Selecting the right lipstick for an occasion or to suit your colouring can be a nightmare. And that is not the only thing you have to think about! You have to decide whether to add lip liner or lip gloss and let's not forget the problem of constantly worrying about whether your teeth have lipstick on them!!

I have been to parties where someone has obviously gone to a great deal of effort in selecting their dress and getting their hair done but the only thing that has let them down was their bright pink lipstick - a shade only worthy to be worn by Barbara Cartland.

Gwyneth Paltrow once made the comment that "Beauty to me, is about being totally comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." And I must admit I agree with this comment. I rarely leave the house without lipstick no although I admittedly leave the red lipstick for special occasions only. But there is a trick to wearing red lipstick and that is to tone down the rest of the makeup so your lips are the main feature. One big mistake which often occurs is that people wear eyeliner with their red lipstick and this tends to run the effect they wanted to create. Keep the rest of your face makeup low key - wear mascara and some light eye shadow and don't pile on the foundation and blush.

Before applying the lipstick, don't forget to moisturize your lips as it will tend to stop the lipstick from being too dry. Keep it simple and you will wow everyone in the room! Also don't forget lip liner can also help improve the look of the lips. This is a personal choice but if you do decide to use it, avoid using a dark shade as when the lipstick fades you will be left with just the outline. And this is one faux pas you might want to steer clear of. If you do decide to use a lip brush for application then this will also help to blend the lipstick in with the liner.

If you have dark skin tones, then consider red and plum based colours rather than lipstick with pink tones. Peach tones also look great with tanned skin but don't go too orange, as it will make your teeth appear yellow. Fair skin looks great with beige lipstick and if you have olive skin tones, you should try lipsticks with a brown base.

When selecting a lipstick also think about your age. Middle aged women are better off selecting a cream lipstick rather than an "all day" matte lipstick as this will help keep the moisture in the lips. And if you like gloss lipsticks, then it is best to wear these at night rather than as a daytime wear.

Red lipsticks have a tendency to be too bright for most skin tones and complexions and very few of us can get away with the classic bright red lipstick. It is best to with a plum red or a brown red depending on the colour of your skin to tone down the brightness. Also don't forget to keep your day lipstick a lighter shade than your nighttime lipstick.

If you keep these simple rules in mind, then you shouldn't go too far wrong. But if you are still confused about which shades suit your skin, then speak to one of those white clad ladies at the makeup counter - after all it is their job. They should be able to recommend what colours suit you and once you know the basic information, then you can create your own colours from lipsticks you currently have in your collection that might not have been used previously.